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Sudea Akkamara

Beloved to Sprizen Akkamara, she swore Arotha's holy oath so she may protect her people. Her role in Sprizens adventures made it so Eternity simply would not exist by now if it were not for the aid she gave to her beloved. Now, she lives her life, and raises Sprizen's second son as she waits for her soul to leave Eternity, and join Sprizen in Deos' realm.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is only a little above average in way of physical strength, relying on Horoth's divine magic to deal sufficient blows. Her narrow form allows her to fit into spaces that Sprizen couldn't. This was vital during many of their adventures.

Special abilities

As a templar of Arotha, she wields her powers of protection. Able to conjure shields of any size, and to heal others with her own life force. Many say she is only just short of ascendence.

Specialized Equipment

While she was a Pillar Warrior, she wore standard segmented, banded armor. After she married Sprizen, she would wear a decorated breastplate, though it still had some segmentation as to stay true to her Fafnian origan. She has always wielded two draconic battle axes, though if forced to, she is deadly with any other weapon. Now, she finds herself favoring the Warhammer, and wears standard Doh'garan plate.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sudea Haedros is the daughter of duke Narek Haedros, she never intended to enter a military life. She much rather preferred the life of a crafter, or artist. This brought her closer to her mother, who worked in the same field. She had no reason to seek anything more. All that changed when the Fafnian Insurgence began. Her mother was killed in a raid, held by the rebels. To her, it became clear, she now had a new duty. After much discussion with her father, she decided in order to undo this threat, she must swear Arotha's holy oath. Like all templars in Arotha's name, she entered a temple in Arotha's name, and spent a day next to the shrine in the temple's center, swearing Arotha's holy oath, and making her reasoning known. Arotha found Sudea worthy of wielding her powers of protection. She would then train in the martial art of the draconic templars.   Almost immediately after she completed her training, she was assigned to join the Pillar Warriors. She could finally aid in the fight against the insurgents. She met another Pillar Warrior by the name of Ekrivan Baanus. Their similar stories allowed them to forge a close bond. This bond however, was shattered when Ekrivan broke his templar's oath, and turned his power against civilians. For most of the rest of the war, while she was a part of a squad, she felt alone. In one of the war's final battles, a young Siegebreaker was knocked off his mount, and ran to assist Sudea. That young Siegebreaker's name, was Sprizen Akkamara. While they had no mutual feelings for each other yet, they would soon. They got stranded in the Fafnian wilderness together, and had to rely on each other to survive. A powerful bond was forged between draconin man, and woman.   Once they had escaped that situation, they continued to see each other. Sprizen, being the son of two Doh'garus council members was sent to Fafnia on diplomatic missions quite often. Every time she was on leave, she would travel to Doh'garus to see Sprizen. She was devastated to hear how Sprizen had accidentally killed his own father with magic he didn't know he had. She took this as her call to arms. Once she heard that Sprizen was to be banished, she abandoned the Pillar Warriors to aid Sprizen in redeeming himself. They did so by stopping the second orcish conquest. At the climax of the adventure, she watched in awe as Sprizen became ascendent. In stopping the second orc conquest, they both restored their names, and status.   Only one year later, they married. In doing so, forged an alliance between Fafnia, and Doh'garus. She adopted the Akkamara name. Only a few years after that, their second adventure began. Sudea was with child, and Sprizen had just returned from a diplomatic mission to Midor, saying how the new dwarven king was not what he expected. Doh'garus would get attacked at their capitol, Akkara. Despite Sprizen's instructions, she charged into battle anyway. She, and the unborn child nearly died that day. Sprizen was barely able to fly her off the battlefield. Sprizen took the attack as his own fault. He would go to fix his mistake. Sudea stowed away on the boat Sprizen had hired to take him to Midor. She made herself known, and was very reluctantly allowed to join on the adventure. Together, they abolished the Eternals' corruption that had made its way into Midor's royal court. The Midor-Doh'garus war had ended, and their child was born shortly thereafter. A healthy boy which they named, Sereth. Sudea took Sprizen's mother's council position. For once, they had found peace.   Sadly, it was not to last. Once the child was of the age of ten (about eight in draconin years) a band of mercenaries killed the boy. She was raised a Fafnian, and her teachings forced her not to take action. Sprizen however, was a Doh'garan, and he wanted revenge. Sudea didn't know until Sprizen said one thing that raised every possible suspicion. "I will return within the week. You need not worry where I'm going." She followed Sprizen to, and through Brimbaria. Once she finally caught up to him, it was too late. Sprizen had already butchered most of the mercenaries. Only one remained. After seeing the sins that Sprizen had committed, and seeing the animal that had taken her husband's place... Only sorrow lived in her mind. She and Sprizen fought over whether or not what Sprizen was doing was just. Yes, she wanted these men to atone for their crimes, but she knew damn well that vengeance was not how it is to be done. She returned to Doh'garus, and left a note on her, and Sprizen's bed, saying how she cannot live under the same roof as Sprizen after what she had witnessed. Their vows are still intact, but before they spoke again, Sprizen would have to find out which version of himself he is. Is he the man he was before Sereth's death, or is he the animal that she saw in Brimbaria.   For the next year, they only ever saw each other during Doh'garus council meetings. She could tell, Sprizen was struggling to figure this out. One day, the council was attacked by the Children of the Eternals. Leading this attack was Ekrivan, who now wielded the power of the Eternals. After Sprizen opened a way for the rest of the council to escape, she escorted the councilmen out, per Sprizen's instructions. Upon leaving the council chamber, she saw the entire city of Akkara had been taken by the Children of the Eternals. She set up fortifications in an alley, and waited for Sprizen. Once Sprizen found her, they determined that to reclaim their city, they'd need help. The battletone bard, Skolas "Firebrand" Zareth was in town on tour. As Sprizen went to retrieve him, Sudea realized that it would take more than just one more templar to take back Akkara. Once Sprizen returned, she said how they would require assistance from Horoth's Siegebreakers. They traveled to the Siegebreakers' Fortress. The fortress was under attack by the same cult that now holds Akkara hostage. In the dead of night, they provided aid to the Siegebreakers. Once the cult was taken care of around the fortress, the Siegebreakers rode to Akkara, where they smashed the cultist line. Sudea, and Sprizen returned to the council chamber to face Ekrivan. Ultimately, with Sprizen's aid, she was victorious. They reclaimed Akkara, and in doing so dealt a significant blow to the Children of the Eternals.   Their final adventure started with a rumble that shook the city of Akkara. Sprizen had gone on a walk a few hours earlier, and has still yet to return. Her first assumption was that the rumbling was caused by the Children of the Eternals. As such, she donned her armor, and grabbed the weapon closest to her. When she left her house, she saw fire, but not the fire of the Eternals. She would run to the edge of Akkara to watch as Sprizen dealt the final blow to the Thrasher Snake. Sprizen explained to Sudea that within the serpent he felt the presence of the Eternals. The next day, the whole of Eternity shook, as The Deadlands came alight with green flame. They knew what was happening. They had read accounts of six major corruptions, each of a sin in a list of seven. The last, and most terrifying of them all now acts. Sprizen told Sudea that they needed to travel to The Deadlands to face the last Eternal. Both Mildivar, and Otonue were in Akkara at the time, and volunteered to help. Between Akkara, and the Deadlands, the Children of the Eternals had emerged stronger than ever. They controlled the entire nation. Deos knows what they do elsewhere. The draconic nations were the only ones who have easily resisted the cult, yet now, they have been brought to their knees. Still, they pushed ahead,   It took all the combined might of the most powerful sorcerer, a templar in Arotha's name, Brimbaria's greatest archer, and a mostly successful thief to fight their way from Akkara, to Doh'garus' western shore. They would need a boat to make the short sail from Doh'garus, to the Deadlands. The harbor was attacked as Sudea, Sprizen, and Mildivar boarded the ship. Otonue knocked aside the boarding ramp, and cut the rope tying the ship to the dock. He shouted, saying how he would buy them some time, and told Sprizen not to intervene, as he would need his entire arcane reservoir to face whatever is rising in the Deadlands. There was nothing Sudea could do to save Otonue. She could only watch as he went out using a magic item that created a ball of fire, engulfing the harbor, instantly killing every cultist that attacked them.   They reached the edge of the Deadlands. Sudea readied her weapon, and strode toward the no longer dormant grounds. Sprizen stopped her, "I know you have followed me to face every threat. For better or worse. Each time, I've been able to protect you. I can't protect you if you set foot in these Deadlands." "Then I will protect myself." replied Sudea. "You've heard the stories!" exclaimed Sprizen. "All who enter here are torn apart within moments. I imagine it would be made worse with the dark magic that now flows through here like a crumbled dam!" "What makes you think you will survive?!" asked Sudea. Arcane strands surrounded Sprizen. "Deos gave me this arcane magic for a purpose. I believe this to be that purpose." "And my purpose is to aid Deos' chosen!" "You have! More than any other could! More than any could dream of! You have aided me more than I could aid you!" "If I am so great at aiding you, then let me do so!" "You may aid me by returning to Doh'garus, and staying safe. Aid me by giving me one less thing to grieve for." A tear growing in Sudea's eye, she asked Sprizen one last question. "How do I know you will return the same?" A gentle smile stretched across Sprizen's draconic face. "Haven't I always returned? I promise, you will see me again in this life. I will return home."   She finally accepted Sprizen's words, and got on the boat. Instead of returning to the western shore, she and Mildivar sailed directly to Akkara. Less than a day after she returned home, Sprizen returned, just as he promised. The joyous mood quickly became melancholy, As Sprizen told Sudea this was his last day on Eternity, that he must leave this realm to manually keep it stable. He told Sudea that his power had grown to the point where just him walking Eternity's physical plane threatened its already threatened stability. The sadness slowly faded as Sprizen described a realm between Deos' realm, and the physical realm. A realm of endless rolling hills, and infinite fields of tall, golden grass. A place where thoughts of lust, greed, and anger simply do not exist. A place where one can run forever, and never get fatigued. They spent their last day, and last night together, only doing things which they shared. They sang songs, danced, sparred, told stories, and recounted the times which they had shared. At sunrise, the next morning, Sprizen had vanished, but had left a note where he was resting.  
Dearest Sudea,   I have risen to Deos' realm, to await the time when your soul enters the next realm, where we will meet again. Now, I maintain, and manage Eternity's stability. While I cannot directly interact with you, or anyone, I will send you small reminders that I am with you, and listening. Every time you feel a cool breeze on your face, it's because I sent it. Every time you see a perfect sunrise, or sunset over the Midor Mountains, or the Dragon peaks, I gave you the spectacle. You need only look, and listen, and I am there.   Love, Sprizen.
  Now, she raises their second son, conceived on their last night together. She waits for her soul to enter this perfect realm so she can be with Sprizen, and her first son. They will be together, and they will finally have only peace.

Gender Identity

She is prideful of the form Deos made her in, and refuses to change it.


She only ever had, or will ever have one love. She has had two children, and has watched one of them die.


She is a brilliant draconin woman. Her knowledge of all things is greater than that of many other draconin, and even some brimbarians.


She has spent her entire adult life as a Templar of Arotha, and a Pillar Warrior.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She aided in the thwarting of the second orc conquest, helped stop a war between Doh'garus, and Midor, she has calmed the rage of a grieving father, and aided in saving Eternity as a whole.

Failures & Embarrassments

She was too late to stop Sprizen from killing most of the mercenaries which took her son. She, as a Fafnian was taught against the use of violence, and truly believed that revenge was the wrong way to honor her son.

Mental Trauma

"I watched him die. My Sereth! If only I had been there like a proper parent would have been. Now, there is nothing I can do but be what I was not when my second child arrives."

Morality & Philosophy

There was a time where she would kill without second thought if need be. Over time, as she grew older, and wiser, she began to see otherwise. Sprizen's refusal to kill taught her the value of life, and that it is always better to preserve it instead of end it. Though she still does not flinch at striking a killing blow, she would explore any, and all alternatives until forced to.

Personality Characteristics


She only seeks to protect those around her. She refuses to be sidelined, and will try to solve every problem.

Likes & Dislikes

She loves a cool breeze on her face, and long walks in the night. Standing in the sun reminds her of Sprizen's promises. He never broke a single one.

Virtues & Personality perks

She will never abandon those around her. If she is given a task, be it by Horoth, or anyone else, she will complete it.

Vices & Personality flaws

Too often she thinks with her blade rather than with her head. This often causes harm to herself, and those around her.


She refuses to uphold anything less than the highest standards of grooming, and self care.



After she took Sathona's place in the Doh'garus council, she led the charge toward reconstructing Doh'garus after the Thrasher Snake awoke, and ravaged a large portion of tha nation. Now, she aids both Horoth's Siegebreakers, and the Pillar Warriors in destroying the Children of the Eternals.

Contacts & Relations

She keeps close contact with Sprizen's closest friends. One being a halfling thief Otonue Henrus, and the brimbarian prince Mildivar Eldren. The leader of Horoth's Siegebreakers, named Araal Kurai took Sprizen's place on the Doh'garus council. As they are both in the militaristic council position, and both knew Sprizen, they keep is contact.

Family Ties

Her father is the duke Narek Haedros of Fafnia. As such, she has reason to frequently return to Fafnia. She always clasifies the journey as a "diplomatic mission."

Religious Views

She knows the purpose that Deos, and Horoth both gave her, and believes that though Sprizen has left Eternity, her purpose has not yet been fulfiled. Otherwise, Deos would have called her to his realm at the same time he called Sprizen.


Her speach is gentle, and smooth. That being said, if she is forced to raise her voice, everyone in a large area would hear her as it is a strong, booming voice that cuts through everything.


Sprizen Akkamara

husband (Vital)

Towards Sudea Akkamara



Sudea Akkamara

wife (Vital)

Towards Sprizen Akkamara




They met on the field, during the Fafnian insurgence. Sprizen had just become a member of Horoth's Siegebreakers, and was assigned to lead a small squad to aid the Pillar Warriors in pushing back the rebels. Sudea was a templar of Fafnia's First Pillar, and was a part of the charge against the rebels from the Fafnian side. Sprizen saw a Pillar Warrior struggling in the middle of the battle, and moved to assist.   In doing so, Sprizen was knocked off his mount, and was forced to fight on the ground. A powerful bond was formed there. After the battle, they found themselves stranded on an island in Dares Pass near a pack of Zaerta. The two struggled to survive until help could arrive, but they made it through. They would go on to have several adventures together. Sudea would bear Sprizen's son, and the two named the boy Sereth.   Sereth was eventually killed by mercenaries. Sudea, being a Fafnian was taught never to bear arms unless instructed to by her government. Sprizen was a Doh'garan, and was taught never to be afraid to use the blade. He violated his prior refusal to kill, and exacted his revenge. Sudea was only able to stop him from killing the last survivor. Sprizen fell into a deep depression.   Their final adventure was when the Eternals decided that they would destroy Eternity, and start again. Sprizen was forced to enter the deadlands to banish the Eternals to a realm where they have no power. In doing so, he removed the beings that were keeping it stable, and was forced to take their place. In doing so, he became so powerful that if he were to walk Eternity's physical plane, it would threaten the world's stability. Now, he maintains Eternity from Deos' realm, and waits for Sudea to join him.

Relationship Reasoning

Sprizen, and Sudea forged a powerful bond with each other on the day that they met in fire. Sudea, and Sprizen both had substantial status in their home nations, and to marry would cause an alliance. Their bond was powerful, more so than most others, so they jumped into the opportunity.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

At first, Sudea didn't care one way, or the other weather she killed her foes or not. Eventually, Sprizen taught her the true value of all life, and that it is better to preserve all life. They both knew that violence is sometimes necessary, but they shared a refusal to kill after that.

Shared Secrets

It was kept secret that Sprizen had sought out vengeance for the loss of their son.

Legal Status


Sereth Akkamara

Son (Vital)

Towards Sudea Akkamara



Sudea Akkamara

Mother (Vital)

Towards Sereth Akkamara




Sereth was born into the Akkamara family, with Sudea being the mother. While Sprizen taught Sereth how to wield a blade, and how magic works, Sudea taught Sereth about the divine realm. Sereth knew more about the divine realm, and its magic than nearly all other draconin his age. This knowledge, and common interest brought him closer to his mother. Shortly before his tenth birthday, Sereth told his mother how he wanted to one day become a templar, or prophet, and serve Doh'garus at his father's side, with uncle Araal. Sadly, it never came to be. Shortly after his tenth birthday, Sereth was killed by a group of mercinaries. Sudea believed that seeking revenge would be the wrong way to come to terms with this loss. She didn't know what to do. All she could do was try to stop Sprizen from exacting his revenge.

Relationship Reasoning

Sudea, being the mother, it was her duty to raise the child. She thought it the greatest thing ever. Greater than wielding Horoth's divine power, greater than bein a Pillar Warrior, even greater than the adventures she had with Sprizen.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both have a need to know more about the divine realm, and its magic.

Shared Secrets

Once, while Sprizen was on a diplomatic journey to Brimbaria, Sudea took Sereth to Fafnia, and intoduced him to some of her old Pillar Warrior friends.

Wealth & Financial state

She was born into wealth, as the is the daughter of duke Narek Haedros, though, she never wanted all of it.
Lawful good
Current Status
Aiding in the push against the Children of the Eternals
Honorary & Occupational Titles
She was a templar of Fafnia's First Pillar, and is a Doh'garus council member.
Year of Birth
964 P.A. 41 Years old
Sairoia Capital of Fafnia.
Sprizen Akkamara (husband)
Current Residence
Akkara, capitol of Doh'garus
green, reptilian
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
silver scales
210 lbs.
Follows the draconic religion, pulls her divine power from Arotha.
Known Languages
She knows draconic, the common language, dwarvish, and brimbarian.

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