Legends of eternity: war of the eternals Pride's Turn...
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Pride's Turn...

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


For over a thousand years, the People of Eternity have continued to thrive, and spread throughout Eternity. No matter how six of the seven Eternals tried, they could not cleanse their world without destroying it in the process. Now Pride steps up to make an attempt. His plan differs wildly from those of his siblings. Instead of cleansing Eternity, he would destroy it, so he, and his siblings can start anew.

Sprizen Akkamara was walking outside the city of Akkara. His thoughts still plagued with the sorrow of losing his son, and with the guilt of the sins he committed in the immediate aftermath. Though in the eyes of his love, he is redeemed, in his own, he never will be. His thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling that almost knocked him off his feet. With his wings, he carried himself into the air, searching for the source of the quake. Off in the distance, he saw the earth rise, and fall again, creating new hills, and collapsing them. Something massive stirred under the surface. Sprizen called upon his sorcery, blue arcane strands orbited his body. He took one of these strands, and shaped it into a large projectile, sending it into the moving mound. An ear-bleeding screech filled the air from there, to the far side of Sairoia.   The massive, long form burst from below the ground, launching a wave of earth, and stone towards Sprizen. The serpentine face came up high enough to meet his. The Thrasher Snake had awakened. It turned away from Sprizen, and continued its course for Akkara. Once again, Sprizen used one of the arcane strands to form a projectile, and another to allow Sprizen to pull it back. The projectile pierced the skake once again. Using the last of the arcane strands that orbited him, and the last of his arcane reservoir, he enhanced his strength to pull the serpent out of the ground. He drew theosite his sword, strength still enhanced. The blue glow lit up the night. As he tried to thrust his sword into the serpent's heart, its tail came around and with great force, bashed Sprizen in the chest, knocking him out of the sky.   His armor, dented, and falling off his body. Still, he flew back at the snake, anticipating the counter. Sword out in front, strength enhanced, and flying faster than even the dragons themselves. He dodged the counter, and thrust his glowing theosite blade into the snake, opening a hole which he flew through, bursting out the serpent's back. The same screech filled the air for a brief moment, before fading into silence.   Almost drowning in a pool of blood, Sprizen stood to see Sudea running to him from the gates of Akkara to his aid. Though she offered a templar's heal, he turned it down, as his wounds were non-threatening. The entire fight felt deliberate. This was no random attack by a massive animal, (not that those happen often). The Thrasher Snake had been asleep since the day of the rift between worlds. What could have woken it up? Sprizen thought to himself. This thought would plague his mind for the entire night. He barely got enough rest to refill his arcane reservoir.   Sprizen awoke just after dawn to the very ground beneath his city rumbling once more. The rumbling was stronger than before, causing larger, or poorly built structures to collapse. He, and Sudea stepped out of their house, to see in the west, a massive cyclone of dark green fire rising in the distance. Sprizen instantly knew what had caused it. He knew the Eternals were striking again. He knew he would need to make the journey to the Deadlands to face the Eternals directly. From behind him, Sprizen heard two familiar voices, voices that have accompanied him on many of his adventures. He heard the call of his dear friends, MIldivar Eldren, and Otonue Henrus. Sprizen explained his suspicions, and said how he would go to the Deadlands to face the Eternals. Both Mildivar, and Otonue made it quite clear to Sprizen how he could not convince them to stay behind.   Sprizen was forced to allow them to join. "I suppose I should stay and protect Akkara?" Asked Sudea. "You're not staying behind on this adventure. I still require your aid." answered Sprizen. "We'll need our armor, and weapons." Sprizen would grab his theosite longsword, and would make fly to Akkara's armor vault. Sudea's armor, and weapon was stored in her home. Sprizen's Blood Steel, segmented breastplate was worn under his open, sleeveless, long midnight black trench coat. Sudea wore a decorated steel breastplate, with scale stone pauldrons, a dark red cloth underlay, and an orange-brown skirt that was longer on her left side than her right. Her weapon was a simple decorated war hammer. Mildivar, and Otonue were already armed, and armored as much as they needed.   Just as they all left Akkara, it became clear that the Thrasher Snake was not the only thing to awake. The Children of the Eternals took the storm in the west as their call to arms. Every cultist from every district, and sect would rise, and cause mayhem. Their journey to Doh'garus' western coast was one of blade, bow, and spell. For three days, they marched, and with each day, she shaking grew stronger. On the final day of travel, the ground beneath their feet would crack, waves washed the port. There was but one ship which they could commandeer. As Sprizen, Sudea, and Mildivar boarded the ship, the cult attacked. Otonue knew there was little time to act. He kicked aside the boarding ramp, and cut the tether lines. When Sprizen called out to him, Otonue told him not to intervene, as he would need a full arcane reservoir to face whatever is screwing with Eternity.   Otonue fought off the cult as best he could, but ultimately, it was insufficient. Otonue fell so Sprizen, Sudea, and Mildivar could make it to the Deadlands. Only an hour's sail, and the three made landfall just north of the Deadlands. Sudea and Mildivar readied their weapons to follow Sprizen into the green hell that lies before them.   Before they left the boat, Sprizen stepped in front of them both and said. " Sudea, I know you have followed me to face every threat. For better or worse. Each time, I've been able to protect you. I can't protect you if you set foot in these Deadlands." "Then I will protect myself." replied Sudea. "You've heard the stories!" exclaimed Sprizen. "All who enter here are torn apart within moments, and their soul tormented. I imagine it would be made worse with the dark magic that now flows through here like a stream through a crumbled dam!" "What makes you think you will survive?!" asked Sudea. Arcane strands surrounded Sprizen. "Deos gave me this arcane magic for a purpose. I believe this to be that purpose." "And my purpose is to aid Deos' chosen!" "You have! More than any other could! More than any could dream of! You have aided me more than I could aid you!" "If I am so great at aiding you, then let me do so!" "You may aid me by returning to Doh'garus, and staying safe. Aid me by giving me one less thing to grieve for." A tear growing in Sudea's eye, she asked Sprizen one last question. "How do I know you will return the same?" A gentle smile stretched across Sprizen's draconic face. "Haven't I always returned? I promise, you will see me again in this life. I will return home."   Sprizen turned to Mildivar, and said to him, "Make sure she returns home safe. You are to sail straight for Akkara, and nowhere else." Mildivar nodded, and gestured for Sudea to follow him back to the helm. Sprizen and Sudea placed their foreheads together one last time. This was the peak of draconic affectionate displays.   Sprizen watched as the ship sailed off into the distance, and rocked against the waves caused by the quaking beneath his feet. Once the ship was too far away to be seen, he turned towards the green flame, and drew his theosite blade, its blue glow caused the flame to bend around him. For hours, he marched inward towards the center of the not-so-Deadlands. With each step he took, his arcane power grew. This led Sprizen to believe that the Deadlands weren't just the center of the Eternals' influence, but also the center of all natural, ethereal, and living arcane magics. Just as a massive structure came into view, he felt a pain as if all the skin on his back was being peeled away, and stitched back on, only to be peeled away again. A massive display of multi-colored arcane fire pushed away the green fires of the Eternals even further than the theosite sword. Two more draconic wings shot from Sprizen's back, placing him one step closer not just to his draconic origin, but also the first generation of dragons, which had four wings. The back of his armor, and trench coat split, but were still wearable. The arcane flame would rest on all four of his wings.   Sprizen continued his march toward the massive structure. A massive tower stretching higher than even the tallest of the Midor Mountains. An enormous, circular hole towards the base of the structure divined the bottom into two massive stilts. Directly between these stilts was a beam of energy that seemed to be pulling the ground up into the tower. To Sprizen, this was his way in. He stepped into the beam, and was lifted into the dark, gothic tower. The beam took his straight to the top, where though it was but late afternoon, he could see the stars, and over the edge of the tower, he could see far beyond what was known of his world. There were so many more landmasses to explore beyond just the four that are known.   The sense of awe was swiftly shattered by a booming voice from across the way shouting, "COME FORTH, WHELP, AND LEARN OF A NEW FORM OF SUFFERING!!!" Sprizen's gaze fell to a massive throne at the other side of the tower. In that throne sat a being which can only be described as sin, taken a physical form. It identified itself as Pride itself. Around it stood his siblings. Sprizen had seen Wrath before, and he could relatively easily guess the other five, and their sin.   Pride told of how he knows Sprizen, and the task that Deos had laid out for him. He also said how he himself has a purpose. That purpose is creating a perfect world. Old World, and Eternity be damned. They'd start one last time, and this time, it would start perfect, and remain perfect. Sprizen refused to let Eternity crumble at the hands of the Eternals. He gave them one chance to yield before doing something they'd regret. All seven of them laughed, and lashed out at Sprizen. Instantly arcane fury latched onto Sprizen. His already absurd arcane power became unlimited to match that of all seven Eternals. The first to fall into Sprizen's grasp was Envy. It said how no matter how anyone tries, they could not kill an Eternal. Sprizen's goal was not to kill. He opened a small rift, not unlike the one at the start of the first age, and threw the Eternal into this rift. Next to fall was Sloth, then Gluttony, Greed, then Lust. Wrath's power far outmatched the previous five, as Sprizen was ruthlessly cut hundreds of times by Wrath's dark blade. It took a spell that shook Eternity harder than it already was to subdue the Eternal. He was next to be tossed into the rift.   That left Pride to be the last one standing. Envy did not fight nearly as much as Sprizen thought. Almost as if Envy let Sprizen take hold of him. Before Envy was tossed through the rift to join his siblings, he said to Sprizen, "Before you banish me, you must realize, there are evils out there beyond even us. Evils more powerful than you in this state. There is an evil that is stronger than you, Deos, Horoth, Arotha, and Michael combined. They know I have fallen, and they are coming." Sprizen replied, saying "Let them come. And, when they do, legends will rise." He tossed final Eternal through the rift, and into another realm.   Even after the Eternals were cast out, the ground continued to shake. Before Sprizen could do anything, his mind was transported not to Deos' realm, not the realm he had just cast the Eternals into, but something else. A realm of endless rolling hills, covered with tall, golden grass. All fatigue that had gripped Sprizen simply vanished. Before Sprizen, stood a being that can only be describe as a being of only purity, with a glow bright enough to cast shadows behind the brightest of suns. Even in this light, Sprizen was not blinded, or turned away. It spoke a voice booming enough to shake the ground, yet soft enough to sooth the insane. "Sprizen Akkamara, son of Crotaous, and bearer of vast arcane power?" "It is I." answered Sprizen.   "Though you have won, your purpose is still far from complete." "May I ask who you are to know my purpose?" asked Sprizen. "I am the creator of all. I am he who watches over everything. I am he who pulls the strings, and guides the lost sheep back to my flock. I am he who gave you everyone who surrounds you." It dawned upon Sprizen that he stood before Deos himself. Instantly, Sprizen knelt, his face towards the ground. "Forgive my rebellious tongue!" he exclaimed. Deos replied saying, "You have done far worse, and I have forgiven that." the god's hand resting on Sprizen's shoulder, assuring him that all is as it should be. "What more must be done, my liege?" asked Sprizen. Deos paused, then answered, "With my children, the Eternals banished to a realm where they cannot reach Eternity, there are no beings to maintain its stability."   "Forgive me for asking, but why am I the better choice over yourself?" Deos' perfect face simply smiled, and said "My time must be devoted to preparation for the return of a much greater evil." "Very well." Said Sprizen, "Return me to the physical realm, so I may be with Sudea again." Deos' smile faded. "I am afraid that cannot happen. At least, not in the way you intend." Fear, and a small sense of sorrow washed over Sprizen. "How so?" "In accepting this burden, you must become a being of power equaling my direct servants, Horoth, Arotha, and Michael. This power, to this extent would threaten the stability of your world." "All due respect my liege, but I made a promise to Sudea, and I damn well intend to keep it." "There is honor in this young Sprizen. I gave you Sudea, and you have treated her well. I grant you one day, and one night to spend with her. Spend it wisely. And, when her soul leaves Eternity, it will come into this realm. From here, you can be with her, and still maintain Eternity's stability."   Before Sprizen could thank him, he was transported back to Eternity. There was no longer any shaking. He quickly determined that he was on the outskirts of Akkara. As he walked through the city, his four wings caught the attention of all who saw him. He made his way to his home, where Sudea was waiting for him. They both were overjoyed in this moment. This joy quickly turned melancholy, as Sprizen explained his situation. Still, he gave Sudea a glimmer of hope. He told Sudea of the realm he was just in. He told her of the endless rolling hills, and the golden grass. He told her of how no matter how she runs, she will never be fatigued. He told her that once her soul leaves Eternity, it will go to this realm, and how he will be waiting for her.   They spent that day doing all they could together. They'd spar in the back yard, dance, sing, drink, and spoke only of friendly topics. Slowly, the sun would set, and night would fall. Come morning, it was time for Sprizen to depart. Sudea had yet to wake, and Sprizen wouldn't disturb her. Instead, he gave Sudea one last love letter, and left in on his pillow where his head would be.  

Dearest Sudea, I have risen to Deos' realm, to await the time when your soul enters the next realm, where we will meet again. Now, I maintain, and manage Eternity's stability. While I cannot directly interact with you, or anyone, I will send you small reminders that I am with you, and listening. Every time you feel a cool breeze on your face, it's because I sent it. Every time you see a perfect sunrise, or sunset over the Midor Mountains, or the Dragon peaks, I gave you the spectacle. You need only look, and listen, and I am there. Love, Sprizen.
  He would rise to Deos' realm, and would take the Eternals' place as the being that would maintain its stability.

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