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Otonue Henrus (O-tonn-u Hen-rus)

Halfling thief, and close friend of Sprizen Akkamara. He has seen trials, and tribulations that most halflings could only read about. He is the type to act like he's handing you a coin, and steel three. His sense of humor matches. What he lacks in morals, he makes up for in loyalty. If you prove yourself an ally, he will never leave your side, weather you like it, or not.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He spent his early life on the streets of the halfling nation, New Moonfall. He spent his time picking pockets of all who passed his little alley. He was caught, and beaten quite often. In his adult years, he still had the same routeen, but this time, when he was caught, he was sent away. The only place he was "welcome" was The Bilge. There he made a name for himself, but not a good one.   One day, he met a young draconin man named Sprizen Akkamara, and was roped into a series of adventures where he watched Sprizen redeem his name, fall in love, have a child, loose that child, violate his morals, reconstruct himself, and eventually take down the Eternals for good. He watched Sprizen ascend to the realm where Deos, Horoth, and Arotha live. Now, he lives in a village in Dogarus, near Akkara. He still returns to the Bilge on "official business" but really, he goes there because he has a love of his own, and she is the only good thing that has happened to him that doesn't involve him almost getting killed.

Gender Identity

He knows the form he was made in, and does not want to change it.


He has one love, and she is the only good thing in his life.


He is not the smartest halfling. Some even say he is rather uneducated. But what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in dextarity.


He has no job, or source of income.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He helped Sprizen through all of his quests, and has saved him on several ocaisions.

Failures & Embarrassments

He never once became the great thief he strove to be.

Personality Characteristics


He strives to be Eternity's greatest thief. Every chance he gets, he will steal something that will get him noticed. However, he has yet to have any sort of success in this goal.

Virtues & Personality perks

If you prove yourself an ally, he will never leave your side. Once you get past the morbid, and sometimes vulgar sense of humor, and his tendancy to get into every form of trouble, he is one hell of an ally to have.

Vices & Personality flaws

He simply can't help himself. Whenever he sees something of potential value, he will attempt to steal it. This alone gets him in trouble mre often than not.


Contacts & Relations

He has ties to the Dogarus counsel, as Sprizen's beloved, Sudea Akkamara still holds a counsel position. He has a nasty habit of using this as an insurence policy to keep himself out of trouble.

Wealth & Financial state

What wealth?
Chaotic Neutral (leaning toward good)
Current Status
Picking every pocket in the Bilge.
Current Location
Date of Birth
4th of Anorin, 972 P.A.
Year of Birth
972 P.A. 33 Years old
New Moonfall.
Dark blue
light brown, short, shaggy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
50 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Well that went well."

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