Legends of eternity: war of the eternals Sprizen Akkamara and Kainox's Return
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Sprizen Akkamara and Kainox's Return

Military: War


As each nation would rise, and fight the Eternals during the second age, the orcs were thrown into a dark age. Kainox the undying lived up to his name. For over six hudred years, he would plot in the hadows of the unknown. He reconstructed his army, and gave them the power of the Eternals. Now, the hour has come to unleash that power upon the unsuspecting people of Eternity, and wipe them out of existence.

The young Pillar Warrior, Sudea Haedros had just arrived on leave to visit Sprizen Akkamara, son of the Doh'garus council members Crotaous and Sathona Akkamara. Sprizen had just told his father of his relations with Sudea. Crotaous disagreed, saying that the Pillar Warriors were originally designed specifically for the downfall of Doh'garus.   Sprizen and his father had a long talk on the subject that ended with Crotaous saying "Training ring. Now." The terms were that if Sprizen managed to beat his father in the fight, he could be with the young Pillar Warrior. Sprizen's heart sank. He had never once beat his father in a sparing match. Still, Sprizen agreed.   The match ended with a strike from Sprizen. Arcane magic that was previously hidden from him ran up his arm, and through his training blade, engulfing it in a blue arcane flame. His wooden weapon burned through is father's, and struck his father, killing him. Sprizen couldn't get help in time. When bought before the Doh'garus council for judgement, the Netumbe bloodline convinced a majority of the council to banish Sprizen. His mother, Sathona managed to give him a sort of "back door" out of his banishment. If he redeems himself through a great deed, he may return.   Once Sudea ad heard of this, she decided that she would join Sprizen on his journey. When Sprizen said that it would cost her the divine magic she was gifted, she siad how this was her call to arms. Horoth templars must swear an oath never to refuse a call to arms. To many, leaving the Pillar Warriors is refusing your call to arms. Sudea demsonstrated tha she indeed still has her divine magic, proving her previous statement.   The two went on their journey. Their first destination was the Bilge. They'd plan exactly how Sprizen would restore their name. While looking for a temparary place to stay, he was ambushed by a group of Munren thugs. As he was about to strike the final blow, he was thrown right back into the moment when he struck his father. It was then, he realized, he could no longer kill his foes. He told Sudea of this, and she said she would use restraint. Though, she still had no issue with killing those who strike at her.   That same day, a small halfling blasted passt him, and was followed by a couple of munren who were obviously in pursuit of the halfling. He grabbed both by the collar and said, "Whatever it is that you are chasing the halfling over it isn't worth it. Especially since I will know if you harm him." With a display of arcane fire, the men ran off and left Sprizen with the Halfling. The halfling introduced himself as Otonue Henrus, and proceeded to tell this horrible story of how this gal he knew was only to marry if she were a virgan. Sprizen told the Hafling to go bother someone else, but the halfling refused saying he owed Sprizen something in return for his rescue. Sprizen quickly regretted saving the Halfling.   The next day, they would leave for Brimbaria, and hopefuly enlist the help of Sprizen's oldest friend. Literally oldest. As well as being sent to Fafnia on a regular basis, he had also be sent to Brimbaria. He would always meet with a brimbarian prince named Mildivar Eldren. He'd see if brimbaria had any major problems that needed fixing. This would get Sprizen on his way toward redeeming himself.   When he arrived in the city of Eldara, he was granted entrence into the queen's palace. There, he saw his friend, and explained his situation. As they were about to discuss a solution, a messenger blasted through the door, and said the city Eldara was unter attack. Confusion preyed on the minds of Sprizen, Sudea Mildivar, and Otonue when they heard what was attacking them: orcs. They all accompanied Mildivar, and his Brimbarian Archers to the battlefield. Almost as if a voice from within was speaking to him, something told Sprizen how to use, and shape his arcane might into the desired form.   Reluctantly, he did so. He made a large ball of blue arcane magic, and cast it out above the orcs. Blue strands of the same magic came down from the orbs, and ensnared them. He cast the spell three more times. When he cast the spell a fifth time, the magic was blood red, and was ripping out through his body, feeding off of him, instead of his magic. He collapsed. Sudea was forced to carry him off the field. The battle was lost soon there after. Mildivar, and Otonue escaped with Sprizen and Sudea.   Once Sprizen awoke, he realized that there was indeed a limit to how much magic he could weave. Mildivar said how his sister, queen Tala was captured, along with all the other brimbarians. This battle proved that Kainox needed to be stopped before any more lives were lost. They retreated south, in the hopes that the hills would provide some cover.   The orcs had set up an encampment there. Sprizen saw Kainox in among the clamoring orcs. Sprizen, and the rest of the group set up camp nearby, in a mostly hidden place. Sprizen would confront Kainox the next day. That night, he was awoke by a noise in the distance. Voices just out of reach. He pursued, keeping track of his location all the same. He was met with the sight of Kainox staring him dead in the eyes.   "Do you get nightmares? I've seen nightmares. They grow in the shadows and feed upon the light. I sold my soul to these nightmares to gain the powers of these shadows. These nightmares have their sights set on you. They demand I make sure that you're descent into madness is slow, they demand that you suffer every day, they demand that once you've withered away and died, these nighmares torture your soul as long as time goes on. Hold fast, as these nightmares are coming for you. However, there is a way to avoid this fate. These nightmares have allowed me to barter with you, and see to it that you do not interfere. You can rule at my right hand, and show all who shamed you their mistake."   The last part of Kainox's speach got Sprizen thinking of his father. How Sprizen was punished for something he had no control over. His mind was still scattered with thoughts of the event, and he agreed to meet Kainox the next morning. When he awoke, he saw Sudea preparing a small breakfast. He knew Sudea would never let him go alone. He said he needed to go do something alone, and that she need not worry, for he'd return within the hour. Sudea may have said she understood, she in fact saw right through the statement. Shortly after Sprizen departed the encampment, she pursued. Her time with the Pillar Warriors had made her an expert tracker.   Sprizen came before the gates of the encampment, and was escorted in. He met Kainox in his large tent. Kainox said how he, and all he loves will be spared. He prepared a glass of the finest of draconic wine, and set it before Sprizen. AS Sprizen reached for the glass, he heard a struggle from outside the tent. "There's nothing for you out there. Sit, drink, and we shal become allies." While Kainox's words were tempting, Sprizen felt a familiar presence from beyond the hanging cloth. He saw Sudea, stripped, and beaten. As one of the orcs raised his fist for another strike, Sprizen usedsome of his magic to make a wave of arcane energy that launched the orcs off of Sudea, and knocked down Kainox's tent. Sprizen ran over to Sudea, and clothed her with his midnight black, sleeveless trench coat. He told her to run while he gets her gear. With two more spells, he pushed the orcs in his path to the side as he found their armor stores. He had very little arcane energy left within.   He found Sudea's armor, draped it over his shoulder, and used what little was left of his reservoir to increase his speed as he ran out of the encampment, and back to Sudea. Once she was fully equipped again, they returned to Otonue, and Mildivar. They retreated further south over night, to the shore. No orcs came in pursuit. Kainox wanted Sprizen to come to him. They formulated a plan, and returned to the encampment. When they reached its gates, it was empty. Sudea's tracking ability allowed her to find where they were going. The group followed the trail to Brimbaria's eastern shore. In the sand was an imprint of several boats.   Sprizen spent most of his arcane energy to cast a spell that made a ship of blue arcane energy. Once everyone was aboard, he used what little energy was left to grant the ship speed greater than that of a Brimbarian Skyship. It carried them across the western sea in under a day. They arrived to find a land immediately covered in woods right from the shore. The group dismounted, and the ship disipated. They couldn't stay at the shore, as they saw the orc ships just across the way. They made their way inland.   After many orc encounters over the course of a couple days, they found themselves close to Kainox's tribe. Sprizen saw Kainox in among the clamoring orcs. He saw an entire field filled with cages, holding masses of brimbarians, munren, dwarves, draconin, and halflings. Among them, Mildivar spotted his sister, Tala. Sprizen assured Mildivar that his sister will be freed soon, but Kainox must be stopped first. After taking a day to scout the layout of the base, they formulated a plan.   Mildivar, and Otonue would both deal with the guards standing post outside, and along the walls. Sudea would quietly take out any guards on the inner side of the entrence, allowing Sprizen, and the others to follow her in. They would make their way arround the edge to Kainox's tent at the southern end, using the stacks of supply crates, and any cages as cover. Once they made it to Kainox's tent, Sprizen would enter, and force Kainox to order his troops to retreat. Sprizen would then take him to Doh'garus in chains.   The naxt day, they put their plan into action. Otonue used his crossbow, and Mildivar used his longbow. They both dealt with the guards along the wall allowing Sudea to get close. She quietly entered the fort, and incapacitated the orcs guarding it from the inside. Sprizen, and the others followed. They weaved their way arround the edge of the fort, using crates, and cages for cover. However, around one corner was a large group of orcs waiting for them, with weapons drawn. They were forced to surrender. The orcs did not disarm the group, but rather the group simply stowed their weapons.   They took the group to Kainox's tent at the southern end of the fort. They were greeted not with drawn blade, but with another attempt to persuade Sprizen to withdrawal. Sprizen said how he'd seen the things that Kainox had done to thousands, the suffering he'd caused. He said if anyone were to withdraw, it would be Kainox. The orc drew his blade, and with reflexes like lightning, Sudea drew her axes, and channeled the divine wrath of Horoth into her blades. Two strikes were accompanied by two golden flashes. The blades pierced skin, and crumbled bone. Dark orc blood covered the tent's back wall. The wounds instantly healed, and the orc recovered. Sprizen realized, the orc was named Undying for a reason.   He a small amont of arcane energy to conjure a spear of blue magic, and thrust it through Kainox, pinning him to the ground. With another expendature of arcane energy, he made a wave of arcane energy to push the other orcs out of the tent. Sprizen used his sword to cut himself, and the group out of the tent. They rushed out of the fort. They were followed closely by an orc hoard. Sprizen used his most of his remaining energy to insnare the orcs. At that moment, Kainox emerged from the tent. He pulled an anti-magic orb from his pocket, and used it to free some of the orcs. The freed orcs engaged with Sudea, Mildivar, and Otonue, leaving Sprizen for Kainox.   With the first clash, Sprizen's iron blade shattered under Kainox's Doom Steel blade. The shock pushed him onto a pile of weapons and armor. As he watched the orc aproached, his hand frantically searched for a weaopn, any weapon. Once his hand gripped something, he pulled it free to reveal a glowing blue sword. The glow blinded the orc momentarily, allowing Sprizen to recover. Their fight resumed. This time, Sprizen's blade withstood the clash form the doom steel blade, as his was made from theorium.   Sprizen had very little arcane energy left, so he withheld his final spell until Kainox was vulnerable. He didn't know if the orc had more anti-magic orbs, and wouldn't risk it. His focus fell from the fight for just a moment. He saw Sudea, and the others struggling with the orcs. Sudea glanced up to see Sprizen push the orc away, and run to aid her. Sprizen didn't push the orc as far as he had thought. The orc recovered, and thrust Sprizen to the hilt. The acidic burn was like no other. Though Sprizen fell to the ground, the orc wasn't done with the young draconin sorcerer.   Kainox dragged Sprizen by the head to Sunset Ridge, and threw the boy off the edge. As the cold grasp gripped at him, he recieved a message from Deos. "Your purpose on this world is not yet complete. Rise and finish this task. Many more lie ahead." Sprizen awoke, the massive wound healed. He looked back, and two great wings protrude from his back. As if a new instinct had been unlocked, the wings carried him back to the edge of the ridge.   Arcane magic within himself increased tenfold. Fire lined his wings, and poured from his eyes. He was gripped in an arcane fury. His spells knew no limit. Spell after spell pushed Kainox into the ground, and pushed the orcs away from his friends. He used a spell to pull his new sword back into his hand as speed that sent a shock wave through his surroundings. He raised his sword preparing to strike the orc out of existance, but instead, struck the doom steel blade. The dark blade shattered, and the orc was now mortal.   "Do you yeald?!" demanded the now ascendant sorcerer. The orc was forced to comply. Kainox ordered his orcs to stand down, and gave the order for the rest of the orcs across Eternity to retreat. Sprizen conjoured arcane chains, and bound the orc. Sprizen, Sudea, Mildivar, and Otonue all brought the orc to Doh'garus, and the dark blade in wrappings.   Once the council had seen that Sprizen had stopped the orc invasion, they were forced to restore Sprizen's name. Fafnia did the same for Sudea. Dispite Selas saying how Araal should keep the council position, Araal stepped down saying it was not his place. Sprizen was given his father's position, ans Sudea returned to the First Pillar.   A mission to the orc woods held by Doh'garus saw the mass of prisoners freed. The brimbarians returned to Brimbaria, the dwarves returned to Midor, the Halflings returned to their northern nations, and the munren, whos nation was still controled by the Children of the Eternals simply followed any who would allow them. The war had ended, and Eternity entered a state of recovery.

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