Legends of eternity: war of the eternals Sprizen Akkamara and Midor's New King
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Sprizen Akkamara and Midor's New King

Criminal Activity


So long as mortal beings are susceptible to corruption, the Eternals, and their brood of vipers will find ways to corrupt. The greatest prize is the king of Midor. Millions of dwarves made vulnerable in an instant. But why stop at just Midor? A king has the power to declare wars, and end even more life than just his own. This is the next target for the Children of the Eternals.

Sprizen had just been sent to meet Midor's new king, a young, charismatic dwarf who had been described as someone who would make for a damn fine ally. When he arrived at the gates of Mt. Theos, and met this king, this was not what he saw. The dwarf was grey in complexion, with eyes, and demeanor to match. Sprizen was unable to secure friendly relations with the new king before he was sent away, back to Doh'garus.   He returned to Doh'garus with the news, unsure what to do next. The Netumbe bloodline would find a way to weaponize the event against the Akkamara name. Sprizen's beloved Sudea, who was with child, and due within the next month, comforted him, and gave him a moment of clarity. Selas Netumbe couldn't weaponize a mistake, if Sprizen fixes the mistake. Sprizen would wait until the child was born, then he'd go to Midor to find what was wrong with Midor's king, and hopefully fix the problem.   However, two days after Sprizen had returned, an army of dwarves on boats stormed the port of Akkara. Sprizen armed himself, and prepared to aid his people. When he saw Sudea doing the same, he instructed her to stay in the temple of Horoth, and not to draw her axes unless a dwarf were to breach the temple. Sprizen's mother, Sathona, however could not be persuaded. This didn't bother Sprizen as much, as he had seen how his mother could fair in a deadly situation, and had seen her reduce a Siegebreaker to tears.   Onto battle they went. Sprizen used his magic to ensnare, and incapacitate the dwarves, as opposed to killing them. He and his mother were quickly separated. As if he weren't panicking enough, in the distance, he saw golden flashes of divine wrath, and heard a familiar battle cry. Sudea had disregarded what he had said, and followed Sprizen onto the battlefield anyway. Sprizen watched as the was thrust to the hilt by dwarven sword. Sprizen flew faster than ever before as he rushed to his now dying love. His reservoir had already been drained, but still, he cast one more spell to force the dwarves away fom Sudea, and carry her to him. The spell fed off of his own life force, but was small enough to where he maintained consciousness. He carried Sudea off the battlefield, to a fellow templar who healed her. as he was flying, he saw a grim sight that he'd hoped to prevent earlier in the day. He saw his mother struck down by a dwarf. Doh'garus was ultimately victorious, but at great cost.   Miraculously, Suda, and the child within both survived. Sprizen stayed at her side the entire time. When she awoke, they held each other close, but the mood soon changed. Sprizen said how she was to stay in the temple of Horoth unless it was breached for this very reason. It quickly escalated into a agument. Sprizen eventually shouted how Sudea was all he had left. This instantly ended the argument. Sprizen said how he'd seen his mother's corpse on the battlefield, and now he only has Sudea to care for, as unsuccessful as he has been that day. He said how he needs to stop this war before it escaltes further. Sudea would have to stay, and that he'd be back before the child was born.   Otonue Henrus, and Mildivar Eldrin were both in Doh'garus at the time, and had survived the battle. They offered to accompany Sprizen on his mission. Sprizen would need all the help he could get. They all hired a boat to take them directly to Mt. Theos. On the first night of travel Sprizen discovered, his pregnant wife had stowed away on the journey. He found out by casting a spell to put a hidden intruder to sleep. Otonue thought that the most hilarious thing he had ever saw.   Once again, they had a disagreement on the subject. It was too late to turn back to Doh'garus and take Sudea back home. They arrived at Mt. Theos. Not a single dwarf took up arms agaist them, as they as well knew that something was wrong with their king. Sprizen got Sudea lodgings while he'd stop this madness. The night after their arrival, they were ambushed by the Children of the Eternals. Sprizen used his magic to remotely carry Sudea away from the danger, and faced the cult alone. It took all his arcane reservoir, but he incapacitated all but one. That last one prepared a spell. The spell was cast, and Sprizen was struck by the dark magic. He was barely able to get close enough to the dwarf to grab his hands, and throat. Sprizen sent the dwarf through a merchant's cart, knocking him uncouciuos.   Sprizen ran to where he had placed Sudea using is magic, and saw that she was indeed safe at that moment. Sudea didn't like how she had been sidelined. Sprizen tried one last time to convince Sudea that she could not do what she thinks she can do in the state she is in. Sudea brought up how she had sworn an oath never to refuse a call to arms, and that this all was her call to arms. She said she was chosen by Horoth to aid Sprizen. Sprizen said how he could not loose her, and that he needed to right his own wrong this time. Sprizen said how the next day, he'd march to the dwarven king's fortress, and confront the young dwarf.   The next day, Sprizen met up with Otonue, and Mildivar, who had lodgings elsewhere. He told them what had heppened the previous night. He said how this had raised suspicions as to the nature of the dwarf king's affliction. They all marched to the fortress, and Demanded an audience with the king. They were granted their audience by the captain of the guard. They were all escourted to the throne room. The king's carven throne was engulfed in green flame. His servant wispered something in the king's ear. There was no speaking to the king, as he stood, and a familiar green flaming magic burst forth at Sprizen, Otonue, and Mildivar. Sprizen blocked the fire using some of his magic. Mildivar took up position above it all, and placed his shots stratigically to interrupt the dwarf king's spells. Otonue took up a flanking position against the king, and aided Sprizen in their melee.   The fight lasted hours before Sprizen finally reallized the source of the dwarf king's corruption. He saw the same servant, with small strands of dark green magic flowing from his fingertips, to the king. The king was this man's puppet. Sprizen dashed over to the man, and heard Mildivar cry out, saying that Sudea had followed. She tried to strike at the king, but her blow was deflected, and she was knocked to the ground. The dwarf king raised his hammer, ready to strike back. Using some of his magic, Sprizen made a blue strand of arcane magic that wrapped aroung the grip of the hammer, and pulled the dwarf away from Sudea. He then turned to the servant of darkness, and pulled the Eternals' power out of the man.   Instantly, the young dwarf king returned to what was described to Sprizen. The dwarven king thanked Sprizen by granting the whole party perminant citizenship, and direct access to Midor's vaults. They retuned to Doh'garus to see that the dwarven forces have been called back. The war between Doh'garus and Midor had ended. It turns out, Araal Kurai had taken over Sprizen's council position while he was away. He stepped down to give Sprizen the position. Sudea was given Sathona's council position, right next to Sprizen.

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