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The Bilge

You will never find a worse den of scum, and villainy. This densely populated island between the shores of Dogarus, and Heodar serves as a place for those who've been banished to go. It is a filthy town, mud is always under boot. Very rarely will it see fair weather. The only thing that holds it in one peace is the threat of force from the elven pirate clans that use this place as a base of orerations.


All who live here rarely have a single coin to their name. Criminals from every race, and nation are densely packed into narrow streets, and small housing throughout the small city.


There is little government presence. This place is a den of thieves. The only reason this place is intact, is the pirate presence owns everything, and they will kill anything that goes against their demands.


The bilge is defended by the elven pirates that use it as a port. These are their only defenses. If the elven pirates were to fall, the Bilge would soon follow.


The ports surround the edges of the island, and a densely packed city district fills the interior of the land mass.


The bilge was formed as criminals from all nations were banished, as that was the go-to punishment for all who fall into greed, and violence. They had only one place to go. The unclaimed island between Dogarus, and Heodar. Since then, the elven pirate clans have made it their only home.


Every house is but a simple log cabin. Very few have actual floors. Mold grows in most walls.


The island has a single hill in the center of a large island.


The sky is always grey, and it rains most days. There is always mud under boot. To see a blue sky in the bilge is to see snow in a desert.
Founding Date
20th day of the 7th month, 350 P.A.
~33,000 as of the 966 census
Characters in Location

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