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Ekrivan Baanus

Shamed templar of the Second Pillar. Once, he was among the most powerful, and loyal of templars in Horoth's name. His sins cost him his power, and his love. Now, he has a much darker patron in the form of the Eternals.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Where once he wielded the same power as other Templars of Horoth, he broke his oath, and fell to the Eternals' influence. For several years, he wielded the power used by the Children of the Eternals.

Specialized Equipment

His armor, and weapons, forged of Doom Steel. His swords, chained at the pommel for the sake of throwing it toward his foes, and pulling them close.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in a small town on the eastern coast of Fafnia. His father, a priest of Horoth, his mother, a priestess of Arotha. From the beginning, his devotion to his church was unrivaled. In an attack led by the Children of the Eternals, his mother was killed, and his father was greatly wounded. He would soon follow his father's path, and swear himself to Horoth, with the intent of pushing back against the Children of the Eternals. Horoth deemed him worthy of this task. He would soon enlist in the Pillar Warriors, and would join the Second Pillar. During his time with the Pillar warriors, he met a draconin girl by the name of Sudea Haedros. Their similar pasts allowed them to quickly form a bond that would aid them in battle. The Fafnian insurgence would pull Ekrivan away from his goal of undoing the Children of the Eternals cult. A sense of bitterness, and longing grew within Ekrivan. His sense of duty faded. He felt he was not living up to his purpose.   During one battle, his last battle, he lashed out. In fighting the insurgents, he turned his powers against civilians. This act cost him his power. Sudea witnessed this, and was heartbroken. He was shun by his fellow Pillar Warriors, and the draconic church as a whole. He ran. In running, he was approached by two members of the Children of the Eternals. He anticipated a slow, painful death, but instead, was offered a way out of this weak stated he now finds himself in. He was offered a new source of power. He followed them to their cultist lair. They told him how his divine entities have abandoned him, how his people have abandoned him. They said how if he swears himself to the Eternals, he will never be abandoned again.   In the following years, he would slowly climb the ranks of his cult district, pulling his power from "Lady Lust" as he, and his fellow cultist affectionately nicknamed the Eternal of Lust. He would search for Sudea Haedros, so he could show her his new power, and win her back. For years he searched, until he received news from the Doh'garus cult district, saying how Sudea is a council member to Doh'garus, and that her more recent love has grown distant. He jumped at the opportunity to win her back. He would lay siege to Doh'garus' capital, in a massive display of strength. Still Sudea ran. He would not pursue, knowing she would return. And, sure enough, she did, with the mounted shock cavalry, Horoth's Siegebreakers.   When she returned, he did not see the admiration that he was expecting, but rather... A sense of fury that he only saw before a battle. As Sudea attacked, he defended. It became clear she would have to die in order for him to maintain his oath to the Eternals. Pity. HE was hoping he wouldn't have to do so. His arrogance allowed Sudea pin him against a wall for long enough for her newer love to take away the Eternals' influence. He was thrown into A Doh'garus prison where he sits to this day.

Gender Identity

He is prideful of the form he was made in, and refuses to change it.


His lustful gaze toward Sudea drove him to commit horrible acts in attempts to impress her. Ultimately, these backfired.


He was educated on most things by his mother, and father. He learned of the draconic religion, and like all draconin, learned how to wield a sword at a young age.


In his early life, he served his father, and mother's church. When their church was attacked, and his mother killed, he swore the same oath his father did before him, and joined the Pillar Warriors. His service there helped Fafnia during the Fafnian insurgence. When he turned his power against innocents, it was stripped away that instant. Soon thereafter, he fell to the Eternals' influence, serving the affectionately nicknamed Lady Lust.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He swore Horoth's templar's oath at a younger age than most, and waged his war against the Children of the Eternals, only to fall to their influence.

Failures & Embarrassments

He failed to win the love of she whom he gazed.

Personality Characteristics


At first, a longing for justice was his motivation. A noble on at that. After he was pulled away from his goal, and met Sudea Haedros, his motives shifted towards a more lustful desire.
neutral evil
Current Status
In a Doh'garus prison.
Year of Birth
963 P.A. 42 Years old
fiery orange, reptilian
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
green scales
305 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
He knows draconic, old draconic, and the common tongue.

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