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Horoth's Siegebreakers

The legendary mounted Draconin cavalry unit. Their armor is decorated with great metal and cloth wings protruding from their back. They ride the Zaerta into their battles and have served their nation well for centuries.



Horoth's Siegebreakers is a unit of fifty thousand mounted Draconin. Each one trained to the point where efficient killing is pure instinct.


Each siegebreaker comes with plate armor on both themselves, and their mount. Medical supplies take a lower priority than the armor, and as such aren't always carried by a siegebreaker.


Each Siegebreaker is equipped with a great sword in their hand, a long sword at their side, and a halberd stored behind the saddle of their mount.


Each and every one of Horoth's Siegebreakers is mounted on a Zaerta. These beasts give the siegebreakers their ruthless speed, and efficiency.


The siegebreakers are divided into platoons of roughly fifty troops. Each platoon is lead by a siegebreak commander. The siegebreak commanders are lead by a siegebreak general, the commander of all siegebreakers.


The siegebreakers use standard cavalry tactics. They ride up the sides to flank the enemy forces, and strike inward. Between the skill with blade, and the wrath of the zaerta, they typically make short work of their foes.


In order to become a siegebreaker, one must have at least two years of military experience. The additional training mostly consists of learning to ride the mount. The beast is unwieldy and ultimately the only control you have is the direction of travel. Once they finish mount training, they are granted their armor, and are named siegebreakers.


Logistical Support

The required supplies, and financial support is provided by the same thing that maintains all government-controlled things. They are supported through the taxes that the people of Dogarus pay. Most black smiths are able to avoid these taxes in exchange for their finest weapons.


Most soldiers of the Dogarus army are able to become a siegebreaker, if they give it their all. If they are selected for mount training, they must pass with flying colors. Only then they are granted the winged armor that makes them known. A slang term for this among the siegebreakers is "Earning their wings."


Horoth's Siegebreakers originally arose during the Fafnian Civil War in the first age. Their fist battle won the war for the Doh'garus Militia. About five hundred militia men commandeered a five hundred zaerta. Their armor was later decorated with large metal wings, and those militia men were named, Horoth's Siegebreakers. They quickly grew to an average force of around fifty thousand as the population grew. Horoth's Siegebreakers are now their own branch of Doh'garus' military. They have fought in every war that Doh'garus has faced, and has rightfully earned the name of the greatest military unit in Eternity

Historical loyalties

This draconic military formation is loyal only to Doh'garus, and its allies.
82 P.A. at the battle of Siegebreak Fields.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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