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The untouched and primal Savanna

"Stiria. The lands of the eight tribes.
The savannah just past the desert of Duvara couldn't be more unimportant in the geopolitical squabbles of our quote-unquote civilized countries. But let me tell you something, Raja. Their culture might be ... primitive, but they hold up values like no other. I enjoyed living there for a few years, being a guest to the eight tribes, and even met the Chaos Queen."

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The Land

Located between the vast and unforgiving deserts of Duvara and the icy chillness of Sepernius, Stiria features a unique fauna on the planet. The lands are only rarely green, mostly dried out in the north or subject to seasonal frost in the south. But regardless of the harsh seasons did prosper an environment of a quite flat and lush Savannah filled with exotic life. Stiria is quite uninteresting in geopolitical matters and was, therefore, able to stay as close to the traditions the first people of the lands introduced as possible. In all these millennia, while the remaining world discovered technology and evolved closer and closer to the mechanical gods have the people of Stiria chosen to follow different gods, dedicating their existence to the four nature goddesses Dryad, Ifrit, Undine and Sylph, worshipping their many representatives on Prius as minor nature deities.
"As part of the project 'preservation of individuality' is the country, known as Stiria, protected by the Silent Watchers. It is in our best interest to leave the tribes be as we can learn many things from them about the very Veil surrounding us, giving many of you mystical powers. They are fully attuned to nature and therefore THE closest to understanding the mysteries of life.
Stiria is to be ignored in any struggles for power and superiority. If someone tries to annex the tribes, extort their lands or forcefully evolve their living standards past natural development are we forced to intervene."

The people

Stiria is hugely devoid of sapient life, there are no megastructures or huge cities located on the lands except a small embassy of Etherium located on one of the southern isles. The embassy is helmed by Silent Watchers, who leave there all their futuristic belongings behind to meet the tribes on equal footings, living amongst them to learn from them. The people of Etherium love to read about such hands-on research papers, which sometimes get turned into novels of the respective expeditioner's journey.
There are 8 tribes located in the country, each tribe consisting of multiple small communities spread vast amongst the area of their hunting grounds to have enough space to not draw ire from each other. Usually, each tribe consists of representatives of one specific species with singular representatives from some of the other seven tribes living amongst them as friends and allies.
While the tribes have never united in the many millennia, due to there being no need to do such a thing, the sudden arrival of two Dark Elves in 4988, having shipwrecked on the shores of Stiria, had caused a slight change in their hierarchy. The two exiled elves, who did their best to acclimate to the clotheless commons of the tribes, tried to make a living amongst the tribes. Knowing about the rules, the god Terminus gave the world, to not attempt to forcefully influence the development of the tribes, Luthca Sivanál, the guardian of the throught-to-be-dead queen Aléssla Goship, went through the excrutiating trials of all eight tribes becoming honorary members of them all. After having completed her goal to be friends with all, she attempted successfully to convince the tribes to listen to her queen in times of peril, electing her to the first and only Chaos Queen. Alléssla was since that date the respected speaker of all tribes in case things go wrong with the advanced neighbors.
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The Culture

The tribes of Stiria developed in their own bubble, secluded from the advances of the world. With a few small exceptions at the border to Duvara, where the tribespeople prefer to wear some sort of clothes to not appear to the Duvarins as savages, consists the usual wear of nothing but various jewellery made of valuable metals and soul-marbles, honoring their dead.
The tribes perform many rites across the year, each dedicated to one aspect of the nature goddesses. Depending on the elemental guardian the rite will follow certain commons, that can be quite strange or outright alienating for the prude and civilized outsiders. To become part of the tribe as an outsider, one must be ready to strip the shackles of the civilized world and engage in intimate, yet publicly celebrated ritual fests of varying degeneracy.

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