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"These prices are ridiculous!
We could renovate Briston's whole canalisation system with the credits required to only buy two chunks of Graviton...and we require four.
How about a bulk discount?"

"Nonono, Calces kral.
Our prices ... finite.
Neither demigod nor bulk discount.
We know how crucial this deal is for you.
Better keep your capital from flying away, am I right?
I will be generous this time, kral.
I won't charge extra for your insultingly pathetic attempts to haggle."

"Fine ... 4.000.000 credits.
At least the goods are in mint quality as usual.
Same location in 2 years?"


Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Antara, Emas, Kedua, Naga, Tali

Masculine names

Banyak, Kapal, Keempat, Pelukis, Sungut

Unisex names

Loncheng, Pasir, Perenang, Terbang, Uang


Culture and cultural heritage

Duvarins see themselves as true successors of the fallen Kingdom, which was Old-Illox. While their brethren, the Duvarians, left the buried city and therefore their pride behind, creating through unexplainable means ways to travel to an alternate timeline, where Illox never sunk, the Duvarins see themselves unable to pass the portals despite sharing the same ancient heritage.  
"Duvarins think they are the real deal, but who gets rejected by the portals built by our ancestors?
Not us Duvarians, that's for certain. They might have conquered the land, but we hold all the infrastructure within our special version of Duvara."


Common Dress code

Dress code == Survival code. Duvarins don't care about their clothes from a vanity standpoint.
They should keep their body cool and protect them from the scorching sun.
Provide decent cover against the many dangers of the desert and at the same time be light enough to not risk sinking into the sand.
In short: 'Why be special snowflake if you can't survive the heat? Snowflake molten."
This however doesn't mean that men and women alike love to show some of their vast wealth with expensive jewellery, brooches and clothes pins. Unlike the Duvarians, Duvarins see no harm in showing how invaluable they are for Duvara's enemies.

Duvarins are further easily distinguishable by the traditional velvet ornaments weaved into their hoods symbolizing their pride.
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations


Gravette WIP by Soulwing
The gentle gravity-defying giant Gravette serves the Duvarins as means of traveling as well as a mobile home.
Small nomad tribes have built their stationary house on the levelled backs of their partners to be able to always take their home with them.
In exchange for the hospitality living essentially like parasites on the tentacled beasts, the tribe defends them, take care of their pets hunger as well as constantly coordinating other Duvarin tribes to keep their distance to not risk two Gravettes dabbing into the others gravity field, which could end in the death of both parties getting crushed by the antagonizing gravity.

To keep such incidents to a minimum each tribe follows a dedicated flight height to avoid accidents.

Buisness & Trade

Thanks to their vast knowledge of the desert and the invaluable abilities of their pets Duvarins are able to mine and store away the superheavy ore Graviton.
Having established a long-lasting relationship with Etherium, to annually provide them with new Graviton orbs, the tribes have experienced a long-lasting era of luxury.

Besides their Graviton business, they offer safe travels through the desert, even for their Duvarian cousins.
Against a decent fee, they provide passage to the ancient ruins marking the active portals to Illox.

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I love that first work :D They don't really have negotiation power there :p   Those gravettes also look very cool :D I love the idea of whole clans living on their back and emigrating with them.     I'm a bit confused by the quote in the culture section and the paragraph before that. The Duvarins are unable to pass through the portals, so I understand that they are rejected by it. But then in the quote it says that they're not? - ah wait I see now that you have both Duavrins and Duvarians! Really took me a while to notice XD Maybe you could mention them both in the same sentence and clearly state the difference?

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