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Glass Wastes

"The survival handbook advises everyone strongly to never, let me repeat; NEVER travel through the Glass wastes.
This part of Duvara's deserts is deadly for friends and foes alike.
No water, no shelter from the sun, no life; prismatic dunes wherever the eye goes.
Yes, the location is an eyecatcher but don't let it deceive your eyes.
Speaking of which, eyes...If you ever happen to travel there, foolishly ignoring our advice, it is necessary to wear thick, sun-protective goggles to shield you from the natural occurrences, when the sun decides to break through the glass dunes in such a fashion, that a solid beam of light gets created.
Those will permanently blind everybody in their ways...Third-Degree burns or worse are a given as well."
Survival Guide Handbook
The sun is a powerful force. But especially on this particular latitude shows the burning ball in the sky its absolute power. Burning a big part of the desert to such a degree, that all the sand has molten down into pure glass giving this location its unique look.
Everything in this place is glass leaving no place for any vegetation to thrive but the most resistant ones. Nearly completely devoid of any life this "Glass belt" shields Duvara from any attack overland from Etherium's. Nobody is stupid enough to try to lead their troops into this glorified deathtrap as the very nature will be holding them back.
Sunstorms, crippling thirst, temperatures reaching 100°C; Only a few reasons rendering this area inhospitable for each end everybody.
Alternative Name(s)
Smoldering Sands
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A beautiful natural spectacle that is exclusive to the glass wastes.
Some might describe it as:
"The best laser show they have ever witnessed...from far away"
At a given time the sun breaks in many places in the wastes within the glass dunes bundling and focussing the sunrays to concentrated sunbeams.
These will travel at a rapid speed from one dune to the next scorching everything in their way. This spectacle can be seen from far away as well.
The local inhabitants are calling this regularly recurring event the "Sun's party ground"

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Jul 23, 2020 03:46 by Morgan Biscup

As dangerous as this is, it also sounds like it would be quite beautiful if you could safely take a picture.

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Jul 23, 2020 09:29 by Soulwing

It's not like as if Duvara has founded a city out of nothing in the visible distance to the glass wastes. A city dedicated to gambling, party and more. A place for the rich and degenerate :P

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Oh but of course! Where else would one found a city? Haha

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