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The Silver Strand

The Silver Strand is both the name of a geographical area and the name of the barony that controls it. Liyda and Lillan are the largest and most well-known of the settlements here, with the vast majority of the others being small towns, villages, and less-well-defined settlements along the coast and dotting the agricultural areas that exist amongst the foothills. The estate of the baroness, Aiza Thriyan, is tucked up in the Silver Temple cliffs near Lillan.   Geographically speaking, the Silver Strand refers to the shoreline territory between Lockhinge and Liyda, which is dominated by daunting sheer cliffs and a myriad of beautiful costal caves. This territory is famous for its purported popularity with smugglers, pirates, outlaws, and other types who look for places to hide either themselves or their belongings. Several famously massive caves have supposedly been used to hide entire ships.  

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