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Bright Turtle

Ratscheschachtel (Rat-sheh-shakh-tell Gnomish for "Bright Turtle") is a massive, clockwork settlement shaped like a dome-shelled turtle that floats in the estuary bay outside of Lockhinge City. The small collective of tinkerers that dwell in this construction are known to be some of the greatest inventors and craftsmen in the area.   This bizarre location is the site of Stick's 2022 Birthday Bash One-Shot.


Over ninety-percent Gnome, with a few Halfling, Kobold, and Goblin tenants.


The Table of Elders control every aspect of life within the Bright Turtle, with the Bright Elder being chief among them. All trade and most communication goes through the Elders only.

Industry & Trade

As almost all resources are imported into the dome from outside, the vast majority of their production can be spent on crafting fine wares for export. Like the gambling boats found in the same bay, Ratscheschachtel skirts much of the regulation imposed by Lockhinge City, functioning as a mostly-independent trade entity.   Wares bearing the iconic turtle stamp include clocks, music boxes, jewelry, and other marvelouslly-crafted products. These wares are known for their intricate internal mechanisms and ingenious, original inventions.   The most notable Ratscheschachtel creations to recently appear are the impressive slot-based luck machines found on the Carakatan gambling boats.


The dome of the turtle's "shell" is divided into three main levels, though the exact delineation of these levels can be a little difficult to discern. Generally speaking, the lowest levels of the shell are for low-ranking individuals, and are were most of the common spaces and larger workshops can be found. Rooms of higher-ranking individuals and more secure spaces can be found as you ascend up into the dome.
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The Bright Turtle
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