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The fortress-city of Mooreshield is the last bastion of civilization before entering the wild expanse of Greymantle Marsh. Ironically, it had originally been built to try and keep the dangers of the marsh out of the rest of the kingdom, but these days it mostly serves as a warning for anyone trying to get in.   Mooreshield isn't technically part of Lockhinge County, but it is closely allied with Lockhinge and considered an honorary member of the Greymantle family.   It is a fortress town, though it's primary functions now are outfitting, and handling the embarking and disembarking of river travel. Mooreshield is now the largest point of contact for both merchant and personal river traffic. Everyone crossing Mooreshield by river in either direciton must stop there to check in and receive approval before carrying on their way. There usually isn't much of a fuss over this requirement, as Mooreshield is the only place to stock up on supplies and rent a bed to sleep in for quite some distance in either direction.   House Hendenair has been responsible for Mooreshield for nearly as long as it has existed, and they seem content with this fact. The atmosphere of Mooreshield is stalwart but obliging, and this is largely due to the attitude of the Hendenair family itself.

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