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Slagfen prides itself on being one of the oldest settlements in Greymantle Marsh, being the very first source of local iron that had been established in the region. This iron gave new power to Greymantle's early inhabitants, and though the town remains a humble and production-focused community, they consider themselves to be responsible for the "liberation" of Greymantle as a sovreign and self-sufficient territory.   While there are larger Lizardfolk tribes in Greymantle, Slagfen is the only one that functions as an established town recognized by the county and crown, and the only one that cooperates with sharing space with other humanoids as near-equals. Lizardfolk still control the predominant culture, but they otherwise share the town and agree to follow most social "softskin" social norms.


Slagfen is the only one of the settled towns recognized in an official manner by Lockhinge county to have Lizardfolk as the majority. A little under half of the inhabitants of Slagfen are Lizardfolk, with Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, and those of Orcish blood tending to take up the next largest percentages.   The wealth classes of Slagfen are very narrow and tend to land around middle to upper working class. Being primarily Lizardfolk, there is enough hunting, gathering, and other substistance-based work to keep the community fed throughout the seasons, but there is not a lot of excess. Those who work toward providing the town's primary export of bog iron take up the majority of the population by far, with artisans who work the iron--both at a basic level and more skillfully--taking up the next largest percentage. The rest tend to be just enough service and civic workers to keep the town and its trade route running.   The highest level of means tend to be afforded to the families of those in civic and specialized service positions, as well as the most renowned among the artisans, but the wealth gap is relatively narrow. Everyone works in Slagfen, and the lazy of any wealth class are not tolerated.


The settlement is run by a pair of appointed Consuls, with an occasional mediator included to form a triumverate. One of the Consuls has always been of Lizardfolk descent, with the other position having been taking by individuals of various different races, including other Lizardfolk. Beneath the Consul are an elected team of advisors, typically representing the various guilds and families in power. While the chosing of the Consuls isn't a true election, with power often switching after a conflict, the advisors take the population's wishes into consideration when they decide to appoint the position, and there is a series of debates or informal votes until they come to an agreement.
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