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Blindwater is the second-largest settlement within the marsh, and it has managed to garner a reputation even bigger than that. Whereas much of Lockhinge's reputation has been misconstrued or skewed out of proportion, Blindwater's reputation is considerably more accurate. Throughout Greymantle, Blindwater is known to be much more of a dangerous and lawless den of criminals than Lockhinge is, and the rumors that it is full of those who couldn't make it in (or were kicked out of) Lockhinge City are not entirely false. Visitors to the marshes are flat-out told to avoid it, and for the most part, Lockhingian natives speak about the town with thinly-veiled disapproval.   The mortality rate is staggeringly high, and "ownership" of the town changes hands between different gangs so frequently that most long-time residents there consider it more of a joke than a form of government.   The only possible upside to living in Blindwater is that no one asks a lot of questions. As long as you don't go looking for trouble (or make eye contact with anyone, or seem like you might have money), everyone will leave you alone.   Blindwater is comprised almost entirely of huts on stilts, connected by floating or suspended bridges. There are perpetual issues with buildings sinking into the swamp, to the point where many structures have entire floors underwater that have been abandoned and built on top of. Some craftier residents have taken the opposite approach, creating what are essentially mobile shops and homes designed to float freely on the surface of the water, but the lack of any zoning or traffic regulations leads to frequent disputes over territory, or whose fault it is when one hut drifts straight into another.

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