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The Slinging Barmaid

3/5 stars, "Not as bad as I thought it would be."

The Slinging Barmaid is a perfectly middle-of-the-road quality Inn located in Lockhinge.  


  The inn can be identified from the street by a hanging wooden sign. Its symbol is a mug of ale with its contents sloshing upwards. Getting into the inn is a little confusing, as customers are first greeted by an unrelated storefront with a large sign in its window that reads, "Barmaid customers use back stairs. -->"   If one follows the instructions, they can scale a set of rotting wooden stairs up to the second story door. Once inside, they're greeted by a warm fireplace, a half-dozen tables, and the smell of a hardwood floor that's soaked up a lot of spilled ale over the years. There's an impressive iron chandieleer hanging from the ceiling, but it's kind of overpowered by the long stalagtites of melted candle wax clinging to its frame.   Rooms can be inquired about at the front desk. There are a total of ten sleeping rooms along two hallways, but usually only 3-4 are available for rent. They're small, mostly taken up by a bed, a nightstand, and a small basin for washing--but at least they're kept relatively clean.  


Inn Room - 1sp per room, per night.   Drinks (renters only) - 4cp for a mug of paletable ale.   Food (renters only) - 6cp for a dinner that's a lot tastier than you thought it would be.   Mail (renters only) - For an additional 2cp a night, they will hold your mail for you.

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