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Ixix Seababy

Ixix Seababy

The legendary first Queen of the Falls, she is still revered to this day as a visionary, despite the fact that her reign was almost immediately ended by the same followers who continue to sing her praises.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Hearty and athletic for a Kobold, with a distinct sharpness and fierceness to her entire being. She never has the appearance of being anything but ready and willing to fight whatever is in front of her.

Facial Features

Her large, pale eyes make every twitch of her pupils seem overly-expressive, giving her a look of constant agitation. Snout, teeth, spines, all seem too sharp for anyone's good.

Identifying Characteristics

Her relatively pale coloration and fact that she tends to stand more proudly than the Kobolds around her makes her easy to pick out of a crowd. Failing that, her voice carries.

Physical quirks

Aside from actually sleeping, nothing that Ixix does is done at an easy or smooth pace. Like a lizard who has spent too much time in the sun, Ixix goes through life as if she has been filled with energy and cannot mellow herself back out. Her demeanor isn't a fidgety one, however. Everything is done with intent--both motions and speech happening in short, direct bursts--and she seems poised for more even when still. Ixix has a way about her that makes it hard for others in the vicinity to feel relaxed.

Apparel & Accessories

Clothing tends to be at a bare minimum, with her preferring only a pair of sunbleached breeches, but her ornamentation is as shiny and gold as she can get away with. As long as it doesn't jingle and ruin her stealthy scavenging, the more that she can add onto herself and look like the dragon-descended Queen of the Falls that she imagines herself to be, the better. She's the one who started the tradition of the Rockybeach clan keeping a miniature hoard, after all.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to Ixix, she took on the name of Seababy because she had not been hatched from an egg as Kobolds normally are, but was instead spit out onto the shore by the sea itself. She equated this to being similar to the live births of mammals--which is a phenomenon viewed by most Kobolds to be both bewildering and terrible--and this, in addition to her dreams of glory for all of Kobold-kind, was enough to elevate her to something mystical in the eyes of those she drew to her.   With this aspiring band of followers, she found herself a lair in a prime location hidden behind a waterfall, and the Rockybeach Clan was formed. She announced that the stretch of The Silver Strand outside of Lockhinge, as well as the city proper, was to be part of their territory as their main scavenging grounds, and made proclamations about the new rules and laws that would guide the future of their clan.   Unfortunately, her enthusiastic followers took every word that she said to heart--including the fact that the title of Queen of the Falls should be passed on in the absence of the previous Queen. Upon leaving the lair to lead Rockybeach's very first band of scavengers to glory, Ixix was usurped by another Kobold taking the throne in less than an hour.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ixix has achieved the rare task of striking out on her own, gathering loyal followers, claiming a prized lair, and starting her own clan from nothing. She is also the first known Kobold to claim all of Lockhinge City as part of her territory, and this claim has continued through all of her successors so far.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though worshipped as a hero-god by her followers, she was dethroned less than an hour after setting foot outside of her new lair for the first time.

Mental Trauma

She can't have taken being immediately deposed by her loyal subjects very well.

Intellectual Characteristics

Though Ixix's ambitions of becoming an almighty ruler over her own kingdom backfired almost immediately, she is nonetheless a clever and relentless creature. Though some view the claims that she has made about her own origins as signs of an addled mind, it is much more in-line with what is known of her character that Ixix constructed the fantastical story to cover up an unimpressive or humiliating early life, intentionally dazzling her soon-to-be followers with a larger-than-life tale that she knew would impress (and frighten) them.   She was only the leader of her clan long enough to just get the ball rolling on how they were to shrewdly scavenge and raid the city of Lockhinge and the surrounding land, but that momentum was started with enough direction and intelligence that it has continued successfully through the reign of each Queen of the Falls that came after her.

Morality & Philosophy

Ixix breaks rank from most Kobolds by being a fiercely independent creature who will not tolerate being bossed around or belittled. Call it a delusion of grandeur, but she has lofty aspirations for her kind and will not settle for anything less. This inspired ambition drives everything she does; she is a conqueror, albeit a tiny one.
Current Status
Dethroned, whereabouts and current status uncertain
Current Location
Pale golden, fierce (for a Kobold)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sand-colored hide, pebbly, flecked with darker earth-colors, pale belly
Almost 3 feet tall
Aligned Organization