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Lillan (LILL-an)

Lillan is an ancient and remote city, representing the farthest reaches of the Silver Strand and Lockhinge county's influence, but is still a thriving and kingdom-famous location. The beauty and intrigue of the city has not lost its shine over the centuries, and so most citizens of the kingdom know its name even if they very likely have never seen it for themselves.   In a feat of impossible engineering, the city was built up along the side of a sheer mountain--much like Kestramore, on the other side of the range--hugging around a towering series of waterfalls. The mystique of these falls, and the way that the city has remained standing and largely unchanged for centuries, has given the city an air of being quietly untouchable.   The style of the city is serene on the surface, covered with a patina of age and backed by the continual white-noise of the falls. There is sort of a black-and-white feel to its persona, as both the more delicate, ornate, almost celestial feel of half of the city, and the dour, shadowy halls that define the other half, are very distinctly "Lillan."


Primarily human, elven, dwarven, orcish, and combinations thereof.


The system of government is modern and formal in its governing council and offices, but heavily steeped in tradition for flavor.


Unlike Kestramore--its spiritual sibling in mountainside construction--Lillan lacks much in the way of walls or military defense. The city has suffered some sieging in the past, but the natural protection provided by the great falls and moat that it incidentally creates, as well as advanced magical defenses, have kept the old city standing through the centuries.

Industry & Trade

Lillan has a long history, but its industry and exports have remained largely the same throughout that time. The city will always be famous for its expert stonework and masonry, mining operations, and historical magic.


The bones of the city are solid, despite their age. Lillan's construction had been considered a wonder of its age, with sturdy roads and stalwart buildings built into the face of a mountain, the great falls providing pressure and water needed for many innovations that continue to define the city. Lillan works with the mountain instead of against it, with even its mining operations done in such a way that no integrity is lost. Lillan will not be growing or advancing very much in the forseeable future, but the city had began with such an advantage that such improvements are not yet in high demand.

Guilds and Factions

Many old factions and families have deep roots in Lillan, and unlike cities like Lockhinge and Liyda, these groups are not frequently shifted. Councils, guilds, scholarly halls, and noble houses from Lillan are ancient, and though they may graciously serve the public, they do not lightly allow new entry and investigation. The Lenn, Thrasher, Vondil, and Westwell houses can all trace much of their history here, and still maintain a notable presence in the city.

Points of interest

Lillan's most identifying feature is the grand waterfall that crash down through the center of the city. This feature bears the same name as the city itself--which had been named after the falls--so, to avoid the confusion, is most often referred to as "the great falls." The name is from an elvish word, meaning "feather." It had once been suggested to differentiate between the two by using the Common translation for one of them, but this suggestion was dropped once the hall of mages strongly objected to anything being called "Feather Falls."   Other points of interest include many historical buildings, suspended gardens, and other famous works of architecture.


Lillan experiences its fair share of tourism, but visitors are rarely there for excitement and activity. Lillan brims with history, impressive beauty, old secrets, and rich tradition, but does not possess much in the way of a thrilling nightlife. Those that visit Lillan are usually there to seek relaxation, calm, enlightenment, and sometimes intrigue.


Lillan is defined by its architecture, which was once considered the pinnacle of beauty and ingenuity in the kingdom. Inspired by the falls, the white-stone buildings were designed to appear somewhat delicate despite their true strength. Elements of human, elven, and dwarven cultures are all apparent and balanced well, giving Lillan a unique and recognizable style. The great falls serve as the heart of the city, and are featured and utilized in many of the constructions--either as a power source, a strategic backdrop, or relished challenge to build around, over, and through.


At a distance, the city seems to perch precariously against a sheer mountain face, and only when drawing very near to the city can it be seen that it is more tucked into a recess and built on solid shelves of stone than it first appears. The flat land that exists between rocky outcroppings below the city is reserved for villages and farms.


Being tucked against the mountain, the weather is relatively mild year-round, but does tend to be quite dry. The great falls provide water for the city and irrigation for the rocky soil of the fields, which may have otherwise suffered.

Natural Resources

Lillan somewhat lacks in agriculture and forestry, but its rich exports of stone, ore, and magical and scholarly works more than make up for it. Its partnership with Liyda and the more distance Lockhinge provides a circle of flowing resources that make up for what each of them lack.
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