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(Pronounced LIE-da)   Governor: Mahenn Aglourri   The city of Liyda is the largest settlement in the Silver Strand. To the rest of the kingdom, Liyda is considered a picturesque holiday destination, its people laid-back and a little risque, and it is a place only to be traveled to by water. To reach Liyda by land, one would have to set foot in Greymantle Marsh proper, which is an entirely unsavory idea.   To the residents of Greymantle Marsh, the truth of Liyda is known as a deceptively dangerous locale hidden behind a pretty face. Most of the town isn't as glamorous or safe as the waterfront, but it's hard to find better pickpocketing opportunities than the tourists in the marketplace. Because of this (and the lovely scenery) the citzens of Greymantle Marsh also consider Liyda to be an ideal getaway spot.   Locations The Seagull's Down, a trendy but cozy BnB with a view of the coat  


Roughly 40-50% of Liydans are of human descent, which is higher than most of the settlements in Lockhinge County, but still considerably lower than is found in therest of the kingdom.


The office of Governor is chosen primarily through a voting event every three years, though the final decision comes down to a meeting of the internal council after the citizen votes have been tallied. The fairness and legitimacy of this method, especially with its lack of transparency, has often come under critique, but little is done about it unless the governor happens to be especially unpopular with either the general populace or the internal council. In either case, the triennial voting event is treated as a city-wide festival, in which Liydan pride is on full display. This is the only time in which large-scale tourism is discouraged in Liyda, temporarily closing much of the port and shoring up security while voting is underway.

Industry & Trade

Most of the agriculture and foresting in the region goes toward sustaining the city itself, with little left for export, save for limited, luxury artisanal goods. A good amount of mining is done in the surrounding mountainous land, though the mining operations tend to be relatively small, providing a variety of fine metals, minerals, and semi-precious gems for the local craftsfolk and for export abroad.


The fact that Liyda has existed so solidly among the inhospitable cliffs of the region for so long is a little bit of a miracle. The city is a bit of a tangled maze of stone and plaster buildings clinging to the rocks, but the mild weather and lack of disturbances such as earthquakes or warfare have allowed Liyda to remain relatively unchanged (and unprotected) for centuries.   Overland travel is extremely limited to one major road running along the coast toward Lockhinge, and a scattering of much smaller roads winding through the mountainous countryside. The vast majority of travel is done by sea, with the ports of Liyda being famously sprawling and picturesque.

Guilds and Factions

Liyda is home to an abundance of guilds and factions that are locked in an ever-shifting struggle for power--the drama of which is largely unknown to visitors but well-known to native Liydans. The city has always been good at keeping its own business behind a welcoming and charming face, so the constant and convoluted tug-of-war for control that happens behind closed doors would be a shock to the rest of the kingdom.


Officially, Liyda became the dominant settlement along the Silver Strand because features of its bay were particularly advantageous for establishing a thriving port, providing the only significant foothold in that region of the southern port besides Lockhinge. Unofficially, local myth claims that Liyda's initial success was bankrolled by an infamous pirate's stash of treasure.


By far, Liyda's primary source of revenue is through tourism. With the only other significant harbour along that entire stretch of coastline being Lockhinge, travelers, merchants, and adventure-seekers are willing to take the detour to Liyda. Now that other sources of income have dried up since its founding (mostly due to much more lawful seas), Liyda has taken full advantage of its image as a risque but charming coastal getaway, especially when compared to its intimidating neighbor.

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