Humans are the most common sapient species living in Ithir. They can be found in almost every part of the world, from the northern mountains to the eastern islands. How widespread humans are is the reason for comparing other species to them when describing them. As the result, the term "humanoid" was born.

Humans. Pfff. Damned imperialists. They think that numbers alone make them the rulers of the world
— A dwarf about humans

Human adaptability

Lacking the strength of dwarves or agility and lifespan of elves, humans had to find other ways of surviving in the world. They developed technologies that made use of their strengths and nullified their weaknesses. Human adaptability became especially valuable after the gods' departure and disappearance of almost all magic. Elves might have kept more magic, but most of their magical technology was dead.

Our technology is what makes us special. It was still a shock when magic went away, but it wasn't the end of the world for us
— A human
Human male
Human female
Genetic Descendants
80 years
Average Height
170 meters
Average Weight
62-70 kg
Related Ethnicities


  • Fellar - a culture living mainly in the north and east of Yastr in countries like Efinian Empire, Grand Duchy of Marten and Merchant Republic of Lautio
  • Gentemare - a culture living in the southern islands. They live mostly of fishing and naval trade. In recent years, Grand Duchy of Marten began a conquest of one of their islands.
  • Lautian - a hybrid culture of Fellars and Gentemarans
  • Ves - a culture living in the south-west of the continent

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