Efinian Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy is the pride of the Efinian Empire. Its ships sail the sea securing efinian interests all over Yastr. During the last 100 years, the navy has been significantly expanded and modernized to match the strength of the elven fleets ruling the sea. Efinian Emperors have always wanted to break the elven naval dominance.


Most of the navy is made up of sailing ships armed with cannons and carrying detachments of marines for use in boarding actions, defence and naval invasions. The largest ship, the EIS Weinberg, has 4 decks with about 60 cannons on each deck. The Weinberg serves also as the navy's flagship.

In the last 60 years, imperial engineers have been experimenting with a new type of ship. Instead of wind it uses the power of a steam enginge to move and is fully covered in steel. They call is an ironclad ship. The ship is also equipped with prototype breech-loading cannons. Currently, the Imperial Navy has two such warships. These are the EIS Ironclad and EIS Efinia.

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