EIS Ironclad

EIS Ironclad is one of the two ironclad warships in service of the Efinian Imperial Navy. It is also the older of the two. The name of the ship and its class comes from the fact that it is completely covered in steel plating.

The Ironclad, the future of naval warfare! The elves will hide with their man-of-wars when these ships go to the sea!
— Gustav von Veller, Admiral of the Efinian Imperial Navy


The ship is powered by two big steam engines. They allow the ship to move through a screw propeller mounted at the stern just below the water. Some of the power from the engines is directed to the system of hoists and pulleys used to deliver ammunition from storage to the guns.

Weapons & Armament

The Ironclad is armed with 12 guns, six on each side. All of the guns are breech-loaded, meaning that the ammunition is loaded from the rear part of the gun and not the front as it was in earlier guns. Additionally, the ship has several rifle posts along both sides of the hull. They can be used by the onboard marines to repel forces trying to board the ship.

Armor and defense

The ship is completely covered in steel plating to protect the crew and the armaments. The plating is capable of resisting continuous fire from the heaviest naval guns in use for several hours.

They say we should be able to resist bombardment for many hours, but I would prefer to avoid that
— Hans Dorn, Captain of the EIS Ironclad
Creation Date
1718 AD
Owning Organization
16 m
90 m
About 11 kph
Complement / Crew

Cover image: World Cover Image by Artbreeder


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