Imperial Trade Inspection

The Imperial Trade Inspection is the highest authority on matters of trade in the Efinian Empire. Its decrees can only be overruled by the emperor himself. The inspectors are responisble for checking the quality of the goods being traded and making sure that the prices are fair. They also have the authority to close any establishment that deals in illegal merchandise and execute the payment of taxes and customs.


The Inspection was formed in the year 1650 AD. It was one of the elements of modernizing the country. It was decided that unregulated trade won't benefit the empire any longer. In the beginning inspectors were only executing payment of taxes and customs, but it was quickly discovered that there are more problems in trade. Markets of the empire were filled with crooks who were exploiting the naive and poor. Expansion of the trade inspection allowed it to control the quality and prices of goods too.

Safe Trade

Founding Date
1650 AD
Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
Trade Inspection
Blues (from the colour of their uniforms)
Parent Organization

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