Fellars are one of the human cultures living in Yastr. They live primarily in the Efinian Empire, Grand Duchy of Marten and Merchant Republic of Lautio. They are a very authoritarian group, but they are also concerned with the future rather than with the past. As the result, their countries tend to have a strict hierarchical organization and a very good level of development. Most Fellars are also religious and in every fellar city you can find plenty of temples of different gods.


Shared customary codes and values

  • Authority
  • Progress
  • Ambition
  • To be a Fellar means to obey one's superiors and have an ambition to make one's live better. It also means to work for one's community.

    Common Myths and Legends

    Fellars believe that they come from a powerful god-like king known as Fellas and his followers. According to the myth, the word "fellar" means "a follower of Fellas". Fellas is said to had conquered the whole region of the modern day counties of Efinia and Schweier.

    Relations between the fellaran nations

    Diverged ethnicities
    Encompassed species
    Related Locations

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