Imperial House of Weinberg

The Imperial House of Weinberg is an ancient house tracing its origins to the time before the departure of the gods. Weinbergs' ancestral land is the County of Efinia from which they expanded to form the Efinian Empire. Currently, they are considered one of the most powerful families in Yastr.

We are the Weinbergs! We bow to no one!
— Emperor Karl II Weinberg, 1211 AD

Ancient Power

It is said that before gods turned their backs to Yastr Weinbergs were a family of powerful mages who used magic to control vast territories. That makes them one of the few such families to stay in power after losing the magic when gods left.

Notable Members

  • Lohengrin Weinberg - founder of the dynasty and first count of Efinia
  • Gustav I Weinberg - the first Emperor of Efinia
  • Karl II Weinberg - known as the Butcher of the East. He defeated the elven kingdom that was located on the today's territory of the Eastern Province. He exiled or killed all elves there
  • Friedrich II Weinberg - Conqueror of the North and reformer of the imperial administration. Father of the current emperor
  • Ambition for Progress

    Founding Date
    1500 DE
    Political, Family
    Alternative Names
    House of Weinberg
    Imperial House
    Imperial Family
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