All of Ithir's people received magic as a gift from the gods. Magic ran in bloodlines in the Divine Era, before the gods left, establishing great magcial families and clans. Those organizations ruled the world at the time. The gods took most of the magic with them when they left. It was unworthy of mortals. There was, nevertheless, some charm left. It still shows up now and then in bloodlines that were once magical. People born with magical talents are now infertile and unable to reproduce.

Court Mages

In the modern day, rulers are on the lookout for mages to serve as their court mages. A court magician can play a variety of functions. They can either serve as a source of entertainment for the nobles or take an active role in politics. Ingrid Weinberg, court mage of the Efinian Empire, is one of the politically engaged court mages.

A comparable position exists in the Republics, however it is named as Mage-Minister.
Metaphysical, Divine

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