Principality of Accione

Principality of Accione is one of the gentemaran nations on the island of Grandia. In 1730 AD it was invaded by the Grand Duchy of Marten and became is vassal. That event sparked the unification of the rest of the principalities into an organization known today as the Gentemaran Principalities.

The Principality's army had no chances of defeating the invading Martenian forces. There was much more of them and they had much better equipment than us.
— Antonio Verro, General in the Principality's army

As a reward for not resisting and accepting the vassalization, the Grand Duke of Marten kept the Prince in power and allowed him to keep the title. The only thing the Grand Duke did was to station one of his armies in the principality. The martenian general commanding it was also made the Grand Duke's representative in the Principality.

Foreign Relations

The Principality is in a vassal-overlord relationship with the Grand Duchy of Marten, but has a lot of autonomy when it comes to its internal issues. Some people in the government use that freedom to keep in permament contact with the other principalities on the island. They hope that when the time comes the principalities will help them. However, most of these contacts are informal. The Prince himself is loyal to the Grand Duke and doesn't want to plot for independance.

Geopolitical, Principality
Accionan, Gentemaran
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Prince, advisors and a general assembly
Executive Body
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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