Gentemaran Principalities

Gentemaran Princpalities is a union of nations located in the southern and eastern parts of the island of Grandia. It was formed almost 40 years ago, in 1730 AD, as the response to the Grand Duchy of Marten invading and vassalizing the Principality of Accione the north of the island. Princes of Legnocitta, Tesse and Marano decided that they need to stand together in the face of the threat Marten poses to them.

Demography and Population

The majority of the population are humans of the Gentemare culture. One can also find a quite big population of elves from the nearby island controlled by Republic of Gafrano.


The union is made up of three principalities. Each of them has a lot of autonomy and may seem as independant states. Each of them also kept all of its territories. The only things outside indivudal jurisdiction of each prince are foreign relations and military. They are controlled by the unified government led by the three princes together.

Foreign Relations

The principalities are in a state of cold war with the Grand Duchy of Marten. The Grand Duke wants to control all of the island of Grandia, but the Gentemaran people are proud and strong. They won't simply accept someone as their overlord. On the other hand, Marten can't afford a war. Invading the Principality of Accione and fighting them was a big strain on the Martenian economy.

Founding Date
1730 AD
Geopolitical, Principality
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Three princes (Prince of Legnocitta, Prince of Tesse and Prince of Marano)
Executive Body
Three princes (Prince of Legnocitta, Prince of Tesse and Prince of Marano)
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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