Though most mages lost their magic when the gods left, there were some who were twisted and became monsters driven by instict and hunger. No one knows why some became twisted while others not. Some that it depended on their power, while others say that it was completely random.

The Twisted will feed on anything looking for any amount of magical energy to sustain themselves. As magic is scarce they need to feed often. When denied sustenance they will become very aggresive in their hunt and eventually die.
— A scholar

The Twisted have a monstrous appearance. Their skin and hair have a greyish blue colour. Teeth are sharper and sometimes they grow long fangs. Eyes turn almost completely white making the Twisted blind. To compensate for it their senses of smell and touch are extremely sharp. They can easily tell how many people or animals are before them by smell alone.

To be sure a Twisted is killed you have to plunge a sword through its heart or cut of its head. Anything else has a risk of just injuring it. There is still magic trapped in the Twisted and it keeps them alive.
— Advice on killing the Twisted
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Almost immortal (but killable)
Average Height
Depends on the species they were earlier
Average Weight
Depends on the species they were earlier
Geographic Distribution

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24 Dec, 2021 11:21

Interesting species! What happens when a twisted goes too long without feeding? To they get weaker and die, or do they instead become more dangerous?

Creator of Arda Almayed
24 Dec, 2021 11:23

Thank you   I haven't thought about that. Thanks!

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