Award Showcase

Istralar has been incredibly fortunate over the years to have won a number of prizes. I'm incredibly thankful for each and every judge who chose my work on these occasions, as the reception has been heartwarming and forever drives me to improve.   I've decided to list the award-winning articles here to recognise those articles that have, by some miracle, managed to stand out above all others - and because honestly, after four years of WorldAnvil, it's hard for me to keep track of what I've written and where exactly it is.  

Summer Camp 2022

An ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension, or other large expanse

The Starsear
Geographic Location | Jul 4, 2022

In the southern reaches of Takawaoku, the stench of rotting meat and bitter smog does little to hide the corruptive red wasteland that stretches beyond the horizon.

For the first time in my career, I looked upon this horrifying scene and longed to go.
— excerpt from the Starsear

A religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon

Order of the Heartblossom
Organization | Jul 23, 2022

An order of protection and renewal set up around the strange heartblossom trees of the Talmians.

To see the Heartblossoms in bloom is to know that your sacrifices were worthy.
— excerpt from the Order

A title that commands respect from those in the know

Quest Seeker
Rank/Title | Jul 26, 2022

For adventurers to be able to quest, there must be a quest - and the quest-seekers are the ones to find them.

An adventuring party is nothing without quests to do. Nothing, I tell you!
— excerpt from Quest Seeker

An astonishing natural wonder

The Sea of Souls
Geographic Location | Jul 18, 2022

The inner sea sitting in the heart of Takawaoku.

In those depths lie hidden civilisations and years of history - and perhaps the root cause of the inner sea's name.
— excerpt from the Sea of Souls

A lost or discovered artifact of significance or power

The Earth-Mother's Gift
Item | Aug 28, 2022

Both thief and saviour of life, the beautiful mask conceals unfathomable power beneath its surface.

And so its trail of blood continued to the west, a tale repeated time and time again...
— excerpt from the Gift

A travel log or other document associated with discovery

The Codices of Istralar and Beyond
Document | Jul 21, 2022

A repository of knowledge across the entire world, published widely and shared freely.

This is a work that never ends, and it is up to every citizen of Istralar to ensure it continues.
— excerpt from the Codices

A myth or urban legend about a "monster"

The Talking Trees of Gislythe
Myth | Jul 31, 2022

In the depths of Gislythe Forest stand trees that whisper to the children, ushering them safely out of harm's way...

No child leaves the wood too late; no child returns with things they should not.
— excerpt from the Trees

RUNNER UP: An artifact that embodies a hideous or monstrous idea

The Light Rampant
Item | Jul 30, 2022

A blade of boundless unending light, crafted by one lost among the gods.

Heaven can no more claim the sun's golden light for its own. Allow me to demonstrate.
— excerpt from the Light Rampant

WorldEmber 2021

Best Geography

Geographic Location | Aug 22, 2022

Once homeland to the elves, Aetharis now sits empty and forgotten.

If it is wrong to weep over those I can never meet, then I shall be wrong this day. Their care shines through time itself.
— excerpt from Aetharis

WorldEmber 2019

Best Ethnicity

Yamashic People
Ethnicity | Dec 3, 2019

A secretive culture hunted by the asura for long-forgotten mistakes.

Our ancestors were not as wise as we are now.
— excerpt from the Yamashic People

Summer Camp 2018

Most Liked Article

Gnome Punting
Tradition / Ritual | Aug 10, 2021

The ancient traditional sport of taking a gnome and punting it across large distances. Now with 100% more rules!

Gnome-punting, at its most basic level, is taking any gnome and drop-kicking them.
— excerpt from Gnome Punting

Best of Worldanvil 2018 - #3

Where else would a party of adventurers wander but a world full of elves, dragons, and mystery?
  Placing on this list was my crowning achievement until SC 2022. Still hasn't sunk in.
Istralar started as a city- but you’d never know it; the poster child of “I accidentally made a world”, Istralar has long since grown into something far more expansive and rich than Hanhula could have expected.   One of its most interesting features, though, is how it blends various genres into a single, near seamless setting- and its ability to make you laugh one moment, and sob the next; it’s easy to jump from the heartbreaking self sacrifice of Verti Ci’corie, to the technical Geography of Istralar, and the intriguing Heartforge of Iskaldhal, before laughing about the fact that Gnome Punting exists, and sobbing over a few heartbreaking Letters to Ashlyn… And yet at no point are you anything but enraptured by the land Hanhula has built here.
— Best of WorldAnvil 2018
  Again... thank you. If you've read this far, if you've read any of my work, helped me decide on CSS tricks, commented on things, roleplayed with me, played in my game, or even just screamed about worldbuilding with me in Discord - thank you. Istralar is a labour of love and something I am inspired to write by the wonderful people around me (this means you, Reader). Here's to a wonderful rest of [insert-year-here].


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Woooooow! That's a lot of achievements, congratulations!

I hope you have a great day!   My most recent article!
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thank you!! ♥ I love that this is mostly just this year's summer camp it seems so ridiculous

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8 Sep, 2022 17:06

You’ve deserved every award won and so, so much more! I have had the utmost pleasure and privilege to be able to take part in this world as a player, and every single moment has drawn me further into the wide and wonderful world that is Istralar. Your way with words and ability to weave and craft so much emotion and intricacy into each of your articles is second-to-none.   I cannot wait for what the future holds for this world, and where The Lost one’s adventure will leave it.

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This is such a great idea! So many achievements to be so proud of, it's a wonderful idea to collect them all in here. I love the idea of looking back at this whenever you feel crappy. Heck, I kinda want to make one for myself now xD   I dunno if the summer camp wins come with badges like World Ember does (they really should!), but you could even use the badge bbcode to add all those shinies to this article too!

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Please do!! If there's anything that should be a trend on WA, it's being proud of what you've done. Take the idea and run with it. I considered putting down a section with my fave things people have said about Istralar, too, but that feels better as something that only I could see if I do add it haha   Summer Camp unfortunately doesn't have per-prompt badges (probably because the prompts change year to year?) but I did consider making my own. The only issue is that it took long enough to get this formatting vaguely right (yes I could have used a proper grid but you know, impulse projects) and I don't feel like messing with it more x)

10 Sep, 2022 22:23

I'm so glad you did this! I love to learn from skilled artisans. This page is so beautiful.

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aaa thank you! I'm very tempted to try and start an unofficial challenge for people to show off the work they're most proud of, actually!

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That sounds fun!

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This is such a lovely idea. You deserve this so much! <3

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