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Barely kissed by arctic ice and tundra, Laeksiv eases into lush and dense forests that cover a majority of the land. These forests transform into rough volcanic and dry regions, meaning there's always something to explore!

Region at a Glance

Laeksiv is one of the most diverse regions in Isidoro, located in the north-east. Regional control extends to the volcanic island chain just off the coast, and the area is rich with mana due to the ley-lines running under the surface. The inhabitants include a wide variety of species and cultures, but the region is known for its prominent Fae population, especially the island chain.  

Main Landmasses

  • Laeksiv (Main Region)
  • Niheanah Ailaen
  • Maecnah Ailaen
  • Maetair Ailaen

Due to its high fae population, many locations in Laeksiv have been named in Silvertongue, the native language of the Fair Folk. An example of this is the word Ailaen (Pronounced: I'll-ain) which means Isle or Island.

Areas of Note

Laeksiv Island Chains

The Bastair Volcanoes

"So who was going to tell me that these islands manage to be hot and cold all at the same time? What was I supposed to pack?!"
— Tourist
  The most unique feature of Laeksiv is the stark juxtaposition of its dense boreal forests and active volcanic islands. Many not native to the area find this startling, as they assume the surrounding forests would be tropical instead.
  There are many volcanoes within the island chain, but the three largests are the most well known. They are also named in silvertongue, with Bastiar roughly translating to of Devbasta's blood.   Most of the volcanoes are a fair distance away from the Ley-Lines criss-crossing the earth, but their proximity affects their use and significance in fae culture.


The Maetair Bastair is the most magically charged volcano of the three, due to its location on a Ley-Line curve. Visitation is usually strictly scheduled for tourists, but freely available for high-class fae. Visitation is also available to Followers of Flame for funerals or other religious rites.


Residing on the middle island, Maecnah Bastair is the second closest to the ley-line curve that runs alongside the island chains. Maecnah's island is often the most visited, due to the percieved balance of safety and risk.


The northern-most volcano and also the farthest from the ley-line curve. It is considered the safest island to visit, due to its distance from the magically volatile earth. Niheanah is used by lower-class fae or in emergencies where a fae body has transferred to Laeksiv from other regions.

The Sanctum of Flames

sanctuary of flame WIP.png
Nestled in a small town in the north-east, and surrounded by boreal forest well known to the region lies the Sanctum of Flames, built in the honour of Devbasta. Due to this, the temple is primarily taken care of by Followers of Flame, but is open to all.
With two towers piercing the sky and a large dome structure in the middle of the roof, the Sanctum is a marvel of architecture on the inside as much as it is on the outside scattered with stained glass windows, and amazing mosiac tile interiors...

A Living Work of Art

All of the Sanctum's attributes come together to give off hypothetical and literal warmth, with magic humming through runed floors and walls. These runes are so expertly hidden within the tiles' designs that only a keen eye can spot them. The Sanctum of Flames has an amazing array of art within its walls; Stain glass windows symbolize the warmth of the sun and flames and when light hits the temple at the right angle it looks as if it was set ablaze. Many people come to pray at dawn, dusk and high noon as these times are when the stained glass is the most awe-inspiring.

A Home Away from Home

While the main ritual space and building were originally crafted for Devbasta and his followers, there are small alters in side chambers. Devbasta's rites and teachings say to accept all and love all, and that extends to beings who chose a different god as their main patron.  

Lover's Lake

Steam faintly rose from the heart-shaped pond. Rocks both flat and angled surrounded its edge, and dim moonlight reflected off of the surface. A small shrine with a glowing candle was near the forest's clearing, adorned with the symbol of Devbasta.   Someone crouched by the shrine, hands clasped in prayer. "Please let her say yes," they whispered. "I want to spend the rest of my life with her..." They looked up to the moon, a hopeful expression on their face.
On Maecnah Ailaen, there is a popular tourist destination called Lovers' Lake. Fed by hot springs heated from the volcanic heat of the earth, it is a soothing place for meditation and reflection.   Hopeless romantics and lonely hearts visit to pray to Devbasta looking for advice or good fortune in romance.
Arctic, Badlands, Forests (Boreal/Temperate), Grasslands, Tundra, Volcanic
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A regional map of the Laeksiv territory.

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Ley-Line Crossings

Areas where one or more ley-lines cross are considered sacred and important to nearly everyone in Isidoro. The land is teeming with mana under these lines, and religious buildings or buildings dedicated to helping people learn or hone their magic are commonly built around them. One such building is the Sanctum of Flames, lying on the north-east intersection of the ley-lines.

  • Treat the area surrounding the landmark with respect! No littering or destruction of property.
  • Do not pollute the water in any way. Ex. Litter, bodily waste, or coinage. (If you wish to leave donations for grounds keeping there is a designated location. Offerings to Devbasta belong at the shrine.)
  • BATHE BEFORE ENTRY! There is a hand pump run shower near the treeline. Please wash your body prior to entering the lake. Please wear swimwear only. Clothes not meant for water should not be worn.

Remember, if the area is not treated with respect, the privilege to be here will be revoked!   Sincerely, Laeksiv Government
— Sign posted at entrence of clearing


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