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Laeksiv Island Chains

Bastair Islands


  The only region of Isidoro that hosts live volcanoes, the Laeksiv Island Chains (also known as the Bastair Islands) are considered some of the most inhospitable locations to live in.The main inhabitants tend to be Fae due to their choice of funeral rites that take place at the many volcanoes on the various islands.  

Tourism Despite the Dangers


Risking it all for Some Tail

Many people flock to these dangerous locations at the promise of seeing a Phoenix dive into the lava and be reborn. This drives around 7.5% of the area's tourism and income for people who risk the eruptions for a chance to see the fabled fowl.



  The Bastair Islands have 3 main areas of volcanic activity, which hug the ley-lines of Isidoro. The north-most volcanoes are far less active now, and most of the eruptions are from the south. The term 'Bastair' means 'of Devbasta's blood'.  

Maetair Bastair

The Mother   The volcano which resides on the ley-line curve, this volcano is the most magically charged. High-class fae or previous priests of Devbasta typically have their funerals in this area. There are also cases of tragic deaths and special circumstances being made.  

Maecnah Bastair

The Son   The middle island's volcano, this one is the second closest to the ley-line curve that runs alongside the island chains. The middle-class are the ones that use this volcano for funeral rites.  

Niheanah Bastair

The Daughter   The north-most volcano, and also the farthest from the ley-line curve. This volcano is typically used by lower-class fae, or in emergencies where a fae body is transferred to the Laeksiv.    

Boreal Forest

  Surprisingly, while the island chains have prominent volcanoes, the rest of the island is dense brush and boreal forest. This causes a disconnect when people visit or see photos of the islands, as many expect them to be more tropical.
Regional Alignment
Mostly Traditionalist
Common Inhabitants
Fae, Phoenix
Location Type
Island Chain
Alternative Name(s)
Bastair Islands
Related Ethnicities
"So wait, when you die, you're... going to be thrown into a volcano?" A tundra bloodkeeper fanned herself with a paper fan she'd made, leaning toward an electric fan as well. "When you said we were travelling back to your home island to visit your older folks I wasn't expecting to learn about that this way..." she huffed, closing her eyes for a moment.   "Well," her fae partner drew out the end of the word, speaking sheepishly. "Technically, Millie, I'd be thrown in a Hot Spring." She paused again, as Millie opened her bright emerald eyes to stare at her. "An acidic hot spring that would uh, kinda just...dissolve me, I guess?"   "What."


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