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Known for their fiery visage and their extravagant plumage, phoenixes are a rare mythological creature that few people will ever see in their lifetime. Similar to the caladrius , It is a solitary and almost assumed myth. However, phoenixes have been seen in the last fifty years, having thought been extinct.

They prefer warm locations, and to see one in a frigid location it can be assumed that it is on its way to a specific roosting spot that has been used for generations, or that it is migrating to be reborn.


The Animal that Death Forgot

While known for their appearance, their primary reason for being so infamous is their ability to transcend death itself. Phoenixes will go through their typical life spans, before going on what is called a Rebirth Migration. During a Rebirth Migration, pheonixes that are at the end of their life will fly with the rest of the energy they have left to locate the nearest volcano. Upon finding it, the bird will dive inside to be reborn from its flames.

  Phoenixes can still be reborn without migrating to a volcano, though that lifespan will be shorter than their typical one due to the strain of rebirth.

Basic Information


Phoenixes' are peafowl adjacent creatures with beautiful, flame like tail feathers and wings. This is heavily contrasted with their torso which is rich blues and blacks, similar to that of an oil slick.
Scientific Name
Avemignis immortalis
Age Span (Properly Reborn)
100 yrs
Age Span (Improperly Reborn)
60-80 yrs

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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