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Caladrius birds are creatures that few people have seen in their lifetime. Most people assume that it is a myth, a fairytale of wishful thinking that only naive people consider truth. It is said that Caladrius are solitary and secretive, rarely ever coming into contact with other species.

Their hypothesized territories are areas with lush vegetation and sparkling water. Only the purest of locations in Isidoro are whispered to host a Caladrius bird and its brood.


The Bird that Heals All

It is said that the Caladrius bird holds innate healing powers, and that if a sick being were laid in front of it, there is a chance that it would heal them. Written accounts of this creature state the following:  
"The bird settled beside [him] and preened its feathers. I thought this was a mere heron, and thought to spook it away. However, that was when the bird made eye contact with my comrade. With the feather upon its head twitching and glowing with light, it seemed to gather up [his] sickness within itself, turning its snow white feathers gray.

It flew up to the setting sun, quickly becoming too difficult to watch. My comrade recovered quickly from his sickness that I thought for sure was going to claim him that day."
A note scrawled hastily on water damaged paper.

  While some statements from a long time ago claim the bird heals sickness, there is also a darker side. It is said that the Caladrius bird can choose whether or not to heal a person, and there appears to be no moral reason for its choice.

  There are a few fact that are consistent between the stories shared.

    The Caladrius bird comes on its own accord, and is not brought to the sick.
    It must make eye contact to being healing
    Upon healing an individual, it will fly away into the sunlight.

Basic Information


Caladrius are a pure white, Heron-like bird with long spindly legs and a sharp beak. It boasts a single iridescent feather plume on its head, and long billowing tail feathers.
Scientific Name
Ardeidae medicae

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