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The God of Fire


  Known as the Patron God of Basta, Devbasta controls heat, flame and passion. Devbasta is wild and impulsive, and the ebb and flow of heatwaves are his doing. Deserts and warm locations are his main domains, but during Basta his blessings are spread all across Isidoro. Devbasta is considered a god of passion, of lovers with a burning hot love for one another. If one wishes for a relationship to be strong, they usually pray to small shrines in his name.  

Acceptance of All

  Throughout Isidoro's many biomes and territories, all know of the myths and telling of Devbasta's frequent mortal lovers. Devbasta has taken men, women and non-conforming individuals into his embrace, often having brief but passionate flings.   Many individuals who are nervous about coming out to friends and family often go to temples in Devbasta's name and confess to an attendant, or to the God himself via prayer before anyone else.

Divine Domains

The obvious domain that Devbasta is involved in is Fire, as he is the representation and living essence of it. While that is his prime domain, Devbasta is also considered the patron god of Basta.   Over the years, the method in which Devbasta became synonymous with passion, and by extension to season of Basta, is unclear. What is known however, is that the two, Devbasta especially being considered a symbol of absolute love. Rumours of many lovers and an accepting demeanor were quickly attached to the god, and he is often latched onto by LGBT+ beings of Isidoro as a guide and accepting figure.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  As simple and obvious as it seems, Devbasta's typical symbol is flames. However, depending on the culture or person, the colour of the flame may change. Typical depictions are the stereotypical red/orange/yellow variety, or blue and white.   Within the LGBT+ community of Isidoro, they have adapted Devbasta's flame iconography and have it following the colours of the rainbow, due to the God's rumoured love for all types of beings.  

Divine Garb


The High Priest(ess) of Flame

The official clothing worn by a single individual in temples belonging to Devbasta in Isidoro. They are considered high ranking within the temple, and are able to be spotted from other ranked caretakers by the veil across their face. While the gods' veils are opaque and unable to be seen through, the mortal counterparts are translucent-- an attempt to mimic the gods, but not claim a status as their equal.

Depending on the location of the temple, the colour scheme may match the blue sigil. This is often true of temples to the north, and they are one of the only ones to have multiple colour schemes for their followers.

Tenets of Faith

The Tenets of Devbasta are as follows:  
  • Love thyself and your neighbors.
  • Do what you are passionate about. Take no substitute.
  • Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments
  • Love unconditionally


Devbasta is the patron god of the season of Basta and in the peak of the season, there are festivals to celebrate the coming of the season. There are also separate festivals meant to celebrate passion for yourself and others.
Divine Classification

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Your opening to this article reads well. It certainly reminded me of plenty of books I’ve read written by believers about real-life pagan gods and that style suits this article well. It provided an interesting introduction.

His role as the god of confessions about sexuality is wonderful and cute. I love the idea of there being an order of priests who assist with those things.

Overall, he sounds like a really wholesome and interesting playboy-god. The symbology section is great, especially taking that aspect that flames are not always red (something we all often forget) and adapting it how he is viewed by LGBT people.

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Writing: Well written, with no major typos I could spot. There was some language that was slightly awkward, such as “all know of the myths and telling of Devbasta's frequent mortal lovers” which doesn’t quite work. Something like “All know of the myths, and tell of Devbasta’s frequent mortal lovers” might work better. Also some cases of close-together word repetition.