Imperia Triplica

Imperia Triplica


The motivation behind building Imperia Triplica

The quintet IMPERIA TRIPLICA is set in this universe, as are the collection of short stories and novellas about various supplementary characters, locations, myths, and so on. This world is for reading.

The goal of the project

Creating a universe in which to set novels, novellas, and short stories that explore the nature of good and evil, love and betrayal, and how trauma etches new stories into the flesh of those who endure it.

Imperia Triplica's Unique Selling point

The Jewish-Roman Wars meets BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and make it gay.



Science fantasy

Technology levels run the gamut, from the hyper-advanced Imperia to the primitive traditions of nonhumans outside the Empire. Overall, most people are aware of or have participated in interstellar travel.

Reader Experience

Things should feel mostly familiar with some new and unknown elements peppering but not overwhelming the narrative. New elements will not be explained; the reader will be expected to absorb these new elements by using context within the narrative.

Reader Tone

Middle, trending toward dark.

Recurring Themes

Hidden peoples in an inhospitable paradise.
Living cogs in a militaristic machine.
Freedom celebrated with song and sunlight.

Character Agency

Small people and small events can effect enormous change… for good or bad.



The overwhelming power of an organized, professional military versus the insurgent, guerrilla tactics of the desperate underdogs. A futuristic retelling of the devastating Jewish-Roman Wars.


A factual phenomenon of the universe interpreted differently by disparate peoples, and captured for peace or power by them.


The way all trauma shapes the people who endure it.


The story begins with Caesar Immortalis, the undying leader of the Imperia for centuries, being rendered comatose by an inexplicable poison. His Praetor, Octavius, searches for the assassin and for the cure that vanished from his protection.

A legendary venator, Gnaeus, hunts an unusual target--a man without memories--while grappling with an empty expanse within his own mind that threatens to pull him in to be lost forever.

Twins Naomi and Shoshana rescue other renanim while battling their individual traumas: Naomi is the last mender in the universe and responsible for its repair, and Shoshana's incredible power lies fallow in her after an injury leaves her unable to summon the magic of Renanel.

Unique among her people, the tesserarius Decima can steal memories out of the minds of others--but this leaves her with the trauma that those memories caused.

Deadly and unpredictable, the Sicarii renan Simeon recovers from a campaign he waged against the planet Cappadocia, leaving this bastion of renanim safety in ruins.

When these opposing forces collide, the war raging across the Imperia threatens to tear apart everything it touches--including the fabric of the universe itself.