Peoples in Imperia Triplica

Space-bound beings from an unknown, distant star system. They abandoned their dying planet milennia ago and escaped into the Europa System, where they soon became a domineering colonizing force.

Defining Features

Build: average between 5 foot and 6 foot tall, with most citizens clustered on the shorter side of that spectrum; humanoid
Skin: taupe
Hair: brown
Eyes: a monochrome, dark brown; an adaptation of living in space for an extended period of time
Naming: praenomen + nomen + planet orbited at birth + optional cognomen
Culture: a very patriotic and insular race, Imperians affect a culture of tolerance and inclusivity but regularly fail to take either one to its full conclusion

Notable Imperians

Octavius Caelius Deceanglius

Appius Marius Belgicus

The indigenous populations of the Europa, Asiatica, and Aprica star systems. Called Mariners by the invading Imperians who misunderstood an Illyrican translation of the name Marinasta, the religion to which most Mariners ascribe.

Defining Features

Build: varies
Skin: varies
Hair: varies
Eyes: varies
Naming: varies per planet, but in Imperian spaces are required to use an Imperian name, which is arranged as: given name + planet designator + nomen
Culture: varies

Mariners are lumped together by the Imperia, but are hundreds of different species from dozens of worlds. They run the gamut from largely humanoid to wildly alien, but in Imperian spaces are required to wear conformer units, shapeshifting technology that zips them into a humanoid shape for the comfort of Imperians.

When utilizing conformer units, each Mariner race has a different, specific color combination they're required to use. Whereas all Imperians have brown hair and brown eyes, the Mariner races are separated by planet into color regulations.

For example, all Cappadocians wearing conformer units have black hair and hazel-green eyes. All Bithynians have light blond hair and hazel-brown eyes. And so on.

Notable Mariners

Miruna Aprica Iberiana

Zoraida bat Renaniatu

Once the same species as Imperians, Renanim attempted to save their dying planet long after the Imperians had departed. Once the Renanim followed the Imperians, the two races discovered that their development had diverged ever so slightly.

Defining Features

Build: average between 5 foot and 6 foot tall, humanoid
Skin: varies depending upon planet of residence, but tends to be deep tan
Hair: middle to dark, trending dark in general
Eyes: the defining feature of the Renanim; eyes are variegated brown rather than the flat brown of the Imperians or conformed Mariners
Naming: given name + optional nickname + ben/bat parent's name + ben/bat grandparent's name
Culture: initially content to live and let live, the increasingly hostile treatment they get from the Imperia has brought out the fighting nature of many Renanim, including a weaponized form of their ancient magic

Notable Renanim

Shoshana bat Miriam

Naomi bat Miriam