Zoraida bat Renaniatu- art-Judaiatu (she/they)


You only live once.

Core Desire

To live in the moment with full enjoyment. This has become especially poignant for her since she survived the sicara poisoning and had to flee the Sicarii. She acknowledges that she lives on borrowed time and tries every day to make the most of it.


To have a great time and lighten up the world. Zoraida understands that she spent years making many peoples' lives fundamentally worse, and while she doesn't allow herself to wallow in regret about that, she now performs service to alleviate the suffering of others.


Zoraida is the regular at the neighborhood grocery store who the owner and other patrons would describe as being funny, kind of corny, but overall a playful and warm person. She's friendly to everyone she meets, as well as volunteering to read books to and play with sick children at the local hospital.

Greatest Fear

Zoraida moves on from things quickly. She does this with no ill will, but does have the unfortunate habit of losing interest in means losing compassion for. As she is fully aware of this, her greatest fear becomes being bored or bored of others, because when she reaches a state of boredom, her empathy tends to vanish.


Zoraida can find joy and happiness in nearly any situation. A perpetual optimist, she can not only find silver linings, but if none are available, she can paint them herself.


Frivolity and wasting time are her nemeses. She risks being sucked into the feel-goodery of things without taking into consideration if they're worth her time or not.

Also Known As

The Fool
The Trickster
The Comedian

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zoraida miraculously survived Acute Hemorrhagic Sicaremia, but has had difficulty with the chronic version, Chronic Hemorrhagic Sicaremia. She experiences intermittent severe fatigue, and has difficulty clotting if she gets injured.
Year of Birth
616 ACI 40 Years old
genderfluid (female)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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