Anthology in Imperia Triplica
The Imperia's main storyline touches only briefly on so many of the stories, tales, myths, poems, struggles, and triumphs of the peoples existing within the three systems. The Anthology dives deeper into these peripheral stories, bringing legends to life, drawing myths into the modern age, and deepening the connections that bind everything together.


The myths and legends of Mariner races prior to or immediately during the arrival of the Imperia.

Early Imperia

Stories of the Imperia in its early eras within the systems that would eventually join to make the empire.

Post-Renanim Arrival

The more recent myths and histories of the Imperia and Mariners that include the arrival and involvement of the Renanim.

Modern Era

The alternate experiences of many of the main story characters that weren't necessarily relevant to the main storyline.

Saint Maiden's Day on Aprica Nova

Precious and Deadly Cargo

Gnaeus and Titus hunt a siren on the desolate planet Aprica Nova (COMPLETE at 1858 words).
Helvia's aspirations of being the Legion's Best Beneficarius are shattered when her criminal nemesis, the pirate Anaïs gets her involved in the Imperia's most severe crime: harboring a siren (ONGOING).