Languages in Imperia Triplica
The systems contained within Imperia Triplica utilize thousands of languages, but there are a few that are considered essentials to have some knowledge of in order to participate in trade, aviation or space travel, or higher education.

Imperine is the most prevalent and important language in the Imperia, spoken natively by Imperians and used as the means of communication for air and space traffic control. All universities, trade schools, or other official education institutions must offer courses in Imperine. All contracts are required to have their first official copy be in Imperine, with alternate translations made available secondarily.
Renani is the virtually extinct language spoken by the Renanim. After apparent genocide of the Renanim, the language was at risk for vanishing entirely from official records until a handful of linguistic societies took great pains to record it. Believers of the magic of Renanel study Renani in an attempt to harness the power of the magic for themselves, although none have been successful.
Shutyilzh is the second-most prevalent language in the Imperia, chosen by the Mariner Federation as their chief language for trade. Native to Cappadocia and used ubiquitously throughout the ports and markets of the Mariners, Shutyilzh is often the second language of most Imperians and is offered as a course in nearly every educational institution, down to primary schools.  
Cheulque is prominent on the inhabited Gallic satellites, originating on Aquitania and spreading during Aquitania's various rebellions against the Imperia. While these rebellions were ultimately not successful, Aquitani retain their reputation for resistance against the Imperia, namely via piracy.
Yemsemhid is the secondary language of the Mariner Federation, originating on Bithynia and spreading rapidly alongside Shutyilzh. More commonly spoken than it is written, Yemsemhid is less known by Imperians and therefore Mariners who are less positive about the Imperia will often do business in Yemsemhid over Shutyilzh.      
Ajanasyian is the chief Mariner language in the Aprica System, originating on Mauretania. The Imperia has attempted to supplant Ajanasyian with Lusitani or even Shutyilzh here, but Ajanasyian remains Aprica's primary language.