Religions in Imperia Triplica
The systems contained within Imperia Triplica adhere to dozens of faiths, most of which reside under the umbrella of the Lord of the Universe as supreme being, and a handful of which have developed control of magic that can affect the universe itself.

The most ubiquitous faith in the Imperia, Marinasta developed out of many different Saint-based worship systems on various planets. Twelve Saints make up a Saint Cycle that determines the trajectory of events in the coming decades.
When the Renanim arrived through the lost postern, they were collectively granted access to magic from singing certain words in certain pitches and tempos. The defining distinction of Renanel that sets it apart from Marinasta is the focus on repairing an imperfect universe, namely by Renanim known as Menders.
A unique kind of magic limited to use on the planet Mauretania, Asode or Speaking is the ability to affect change in onesself by saying certain words aloud. Both Mauretanian Saints, Saint Tasa and Saint Rosia, possessed a powerful form of Asode that enabled them to not only affect themselves but the universe around them as well.