Imperia Triplica A Great Empire Requires A Great Sacrifice

The First Year of the New Age

A science fantasy reimagining of the Jewish-Roman Wars by Esspii.

The last age began a thousand years ago when Caesar Immortalis, the Immortal Emperor, May He Live Forever, conquered the warlords that came before and declared himself the eternal ruler of the Imperia. Benevolent and magnanimous, he expanded the Imperia from a single star system to three, bringing hundreds of races under the Imperia's wing, spreading the greatness of the Imperia and snuffing out threats to peace and prosperity wherever it dared lift its head.

But now a new age is dawning.

Because Caesar Immortalis is dead.

And the final battle for the universe begins.

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"Pray with your feet," the sages sing. Pray with your feet, then, and sing the songs of dead men who prayed with their feet but walked without eyes.
— the Historian