Imperia Triplica

Imperia Triplica A Great Empire Requires A Great Sacrifice

A science fantasy reimagining of the Jewish-Roman Wars
by Sofiya Pasternack.

The last Saint has died. The last Age is ending. The last Cycle is closing. All across the Imperia, the impending dawn of a new Age looms, and the great tides of destiny have already begun their irresistible movements.


Will the new Saint continue the horrors of her predecessor?

Are the atrocities of this Cycle doomed to continue into the next?

Can a lost people repair the shattered core of the universe--or will the new Age be one of bloodshed and terror?

"Pray with your feet," the sages sing. Pray with your feet, then, and sing the songs of dead men who prayed with their feet but walked without eyes.
— the Historian