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Welcome to Imperia Triplica, where technology and ancient magic exist side-by-side, and people of all disparate races and ranks do what they need to survive.
The three star systems that make up the Imperia are linked by posterns. These wormholes act as portals from system to system, eliminating a need for intersystem space travel that would take decades to accomplish. Centuries ago, a now-lost postern in the Europa System let through a cluster of primitive space ships carrying the first Imperians.   These travelers from another corner of the universe soon settled on the planet they would eventually name Illyricum, but became rapidly and painfully aware that they were no longer adapted to life on a planet's surface. They returned to their spaceborne ships and made a deal with the conquered native peoples of Illyricum: they would be permitted to live in peace on the planet's surface as long as they supplied the Imperians with foodstuffs and raw materials they needed to survive on their ships.   As the Imperians grew in strength and numbers, they expanded their tribute gathering to the neighboring planets, and then extended to the entire system.   During this time, Caesar Immortalis emerged from the ranks of the proto-Legions to challenge the ruling body, a Senate he said was corrupt and immoral. A war later, Caesar emerged victorious, and has not grown old since.
One thousand years later, the Imperia rules three systems with twelve Legions and millions of citizens. There is no apparent way to defeat the Legions in combat, and Caesar has been assassinated a dozen times just to return to his throne looking healthier than before. For those in the Imperia who suffer under Caesar's rule, life seems hopeless.


The stories contained within the Imperia explore many different themes and topics:


What may be the most explosive force in the universe can also be the most gentle.


The ultimate wound incapable of healing shut, which remains a bloodied ulcer forever.


A lack of power, and abundance of power, and what these do to twist minds and hearts.


Precious Cargo



The space-bound citizens of the Imperia's ruling species, the Imperians hail from an ancestral world in a distant galaxy that became uninhabitable in a way lost to legend. They fled their dying world for greater opportunities in other galaxies, and emerged into the Europa System several centuries after leaving their original home. These long centuries in space resulted in adaptation to living away from a planet's surface, and it soon became evident that they would have a difficult time returning to the earth.

Imperians arrived with their own set of religious beliefs; however, over the centuries those beliefs combined with the various cults of Marinasta, each varying in popularity among the Imperian population, especially legionnaires. Imperian practice of Marinasta differs greatly from the local practice, generally foregoing the tattoos of the Saints' symbols and focusing more on amulets and spoken prayer.


The Imperians needed a word to describe citizens of the Imperia who were not like them, and they landed upon the moniker "Mariner" after the extremely widespread and popular religious faith Marinasta that originated within the Europa System. This religion has no central authority, focusing more on different cults of twelve Saints who performed miracles in the past.

The Mariner Federation developed in an attempt to negotiate better tributes and increased rights for non-Imperian races. Part of the requirements that emerged was the compulsory wear of conformer units in Imperia-controlled places at first, and eventually at all times off the Mariner's planet of origin.


Centuries after the arrival of the Imperians to Europa, another group of people from that same dying planet arrived. The Renanim had attempted to save the planet but were unable, so they followed beacons left by the Imperians into Europa. Upon arrival, they were settled on Judaea and thrived there, as they had not been in space as long as the Imperians and therefore were still adapted for life on a planet's surface. Caesar enlisted many Renanim to join his rebellion and use their unique song-based magic to help overthrow the corrupt Senate. Once this occurred, the Renanim enjoyed a period of prosperity until a series of escalating in intensity restrictions culminated in the Renani Insurgency Control Order, The Seventeen-Hour War, and the apparent extinction of the Renani people.




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