Imperia Triplica

The First Year of the New Age


The Laws of Imperia Triplica

Within the Imperia, magic exists and can be harnessed and used by those with the right knowledge. This magic is a fundamental truth of the universe, at all times existing all around, but is largely dormant or uncontrollable unless summoned by a practitioner of magic.


The Imperia is composed of three star systems and the planets contained within them. These cosmic bodies were created at the beginning of time by an unknown force. Scientists identify it as a repeating cycle of universal compression until it explodes outward. Followers of Marinasta believe the Lord of the Universe breathed it into existence. Followers of Renanel believe the Lord of the Universe sang good and evil into being, containing the evil in ethereal jars that were broken and scattered across the universe as sources of incredible power, and unknowable danger.

Principal Geography & Features

Each system, planet, and satellite has its own unique geography that has shaped its denizens and made each one uniquely useful--or troublesome--for the Imperia.

Initial Active Setting

The overall story of the Imperia spans star systems, but individual stories are largely set in contained locations, such as on a ship, in a single city on a planet, or in a unique wilderness.