Imperia Triplica

The First Year of the New Age


The History of Imperia Triplica so far

Prior to the arrival of the Imperians, the Mariner races in each star system traded and mingled to various extents. Only Illyricans and Cappadocians had discovered posterns and ventured into them. Once the Imperians arrived and began their takeover, the Mariner races were absorbed and assimilated. Some, like the Aquitani and Iceni, resisted more than others.   Following the Imperians came the Renanim. They originated on the same distant, dying planet, but had stayed to attempt to save the planet. When it became clear the planet was unable to be saved, they followed breadcrumbs left by the Imperians into the Europa System.

Current Species & Cultures

Currently, the Imperia remains largely in ships with the artificial gravity that they've become adapted to, whereas the Mariners remain on their planets. The influence of the Imperian colonists is palpable, however, and has changed each culture it's contacted in irreversible and profound ways.  




  Initially welcomed by the Imperia, the Renanim chose to settle on planets rather than on ships. They created complications for the Imperians and went from being welcomed to being tolerated, and were then determined to be a harmful nuisance who required extermination. The Renani Insurgency Control Order was implemented as an attempt to wipe the Renanim and their supporters from the Imperia.

Needs & Relations

Imperian colonists attempted early settlement on planets such as Illyricum, but found quickly that their extended time on ships in space had made it increasingly uncomfortable and even dangerous to live on a planet's surface. The Imperian citizens returned to the Legion ships and remain there while collecting resources and tithes from the planets they control.   Renanim now exist entirely in hiding, especially after the destruction of Cappadocia by Sicarii insurgents sparked anti-renanim riots across the planet. Finding refuge in desolate pockets on abandoned satellites, the Renanim strive to recover their numbers and maintain their magic.