Summer Camp 2022 - Day 1

Hello everyone!
  Summer Camp is finally here! In just a little while, we'll get to enjoy the launch stream and find out what the prompts are. I'll be posting these Imaginaerium's daily to help you along, with inspiration, guests, and whatever useful bits and bobs I can find.   But for the opening day, I wanted to collect all the different Anvilite streams and other events that goes on during the Summer Camp.

by DustyTelescope & Exalted Mirage

Iron Gorge Challenge

Iron Gorge Challenge
A Streaming Challenge set by World Anvil.   It is to create 21 LIVE streams during SUMMER CAMP (July), with at least 333 words towards the Summer Camp Prompts, written while you are online. This should give you all weekends off if you do it (or other breaks) while still keeping the spirit of streaming everyday of Summer Camp.   If you do this you get a shiny BADGE.   Remember to highlight or download your V.O.D.s on Twitch for Proof or Archive them on whatever platform you are on and Contact Secondhand on the Website or Discord or SecondhandRPG on Twitter to let it be know you are doing it
  The venerable Secondhand Samurai will be hosting streams with guests, every single day. He'll be hosting guests from the World Anvil blog and expand on their expertise, and he might even be visiting the Imaginaerium to share its wisdom too.   He'll be on the WorldAnvil twitch channel every day at 8pm, BST.   You can find more information here:  

Anvilite Streamers Corps

A community-driven hub for all the different streamers that grace our world-building community. If you want to find out who's streaming and when, this is the place.  
Anvilite Streamers Corps
  And if you want to take part in their Summer Camp Exchange Program, check it out here!  
Summer Camp Exchange Program
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If you feel like you aren't quite sure where to start, it's worth looking at some of the Summer Camp pledges made by other community members.    

Hanhula's Summer Camp Planner

Community super-star Hanhula has created a google sheet you can use to plan your Summer Camp and track progress. You can also find all this in her Pledge, which you should check out, as well as the Summer Camp discord channel!  
Looking to organise your Summer Camp plans?   As per usual (and to replace last year's outdated pin..), I've put together a google sheet for tracking your Summer Camp progress. Features a badge indicator, day tracker, and auto-updating prompt list. Note that both Submitted & Completed will count towards badge goal and overall average wordcount, thanks to some feedback from previous years. Let me know if something breaks or if you want to make changes!   To use:   Navigate to File --> Make a Copy   Name it whatever you want   Type in the boxes as you desire!     There's a group copy available for any chapters or other groups, too - just let me know if you want that one and I'll tidy it for public use ^^
And finally, inspiration.

by Chantal Lim (Unsplash)


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2 Jul, 2022 11:29

You can tell SUMMER CAMP has really started when the Imaginaerium is open for the year. My Goal for Summer Camp 2022 is to Spell imaginaerium correctly at least 50% of the time.   My Bonus goal will be to try to spell Araea correctly at least once.

2 Jul, 2022 12:06

I believe in you :D

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2 Jul, 2022 12:29

Imaginaerium hype!