Summer Camp Exchange Program

What's This All About Then?

Summer Camp is one of the biggest events in the World Anvil calendar, and this is in no small part due to the amazing community of worldbuilders that come out to participate. The sense of community spirit and excitement during this event gets bigger and better every year, and here at the ASC we wanted to find a way to contribute to that hype. The Summer Camp Exchange Program seeks to encourage worldbuilders to "Summer Camp" together by helping to organise a host of co-streams over the month of July. Streams for this event will be centred around Summer Camp prompts; unpacking them in a constructive manner, writing prompt articles on stream, brainstorming ideas for prompts etc.  

How Do I take Part?

We wanted the event to be open to as many people as possible, so there are several ways in which you can participate.

Hosting a Stream

Simply invite one or more other people on to your stream, decide on the format, pick your prompts and go live! You may already have people in mind for this, but if not, check out the discussion boards below to find a list of people who are looking for streams. You can contact them yourself, or we can do it for you if you would prefer.  

Joining a Stream

Perhaps you don't have the ability to stream yourself, maybe you would simply like to participate in a streamed group discussion, or you may even be thinking about streaming yourself but want to see what it is like first. Whatever the reason, if you would like the chance to join in on a stream, then sign up below. Please be mindful of the streamers channel rules, and be willing to constructively add to the streamed activity, but do remember you are a guest on the streamer channel and respect their wishes. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, REMEMBER YOU ARE ALL THERE TO HAVE FUN!!  

Watching a Stream

Don't worry Chat we haven't forgotten about you, after all, what is a stream without Chat? Even if you don't want to be on a stream, you can still participate by joining the discussion in chat. Most streaming platforms have a chat function where viewers can communicate with the streamers via text. This is a great way to ask questions about your own ideas, help others with their questions, and foster a space where people feel comfortable to share their creativity. You can find Anvilites streaming Summer Camp prompts by: looking in the Anvil-Streams channel on the World Anvil discord, checking out the ASC streaming calendar, or joing the ASC discord.  

How Do I Sign Up?

There are two postable discussion boards at the bottom of this article. One is for streamers who would be willing to host other people on their streams. The other is for those who would like to join someone else's stream. Simply read the description of the discussion board you wish to sign up to (signing up to both is allowed), then create a thread following the format listed. Please don't put any links in your posts.   If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments section at the bottom of this article.
Anvilite Streamers Corps Discussion Boards

Summer Camp Exchange Program

Tue, Jun 28th 2022 08:54
Welcome to the Summer Camp Exchange Program.
  • Choose which board you would like to sign up to, and read the description
  • Create a thread under your chosen board
  • Structure your post according to the description
  • Post your thread

  •   Summer Camp Exchange Program

    I am willing to Host

    Tue, Jun 28th 2022 09:50
    This board is where you can sign up to host other people on your stream. The name of the thread should be your preferred name. Please state:
  • Your WA user name
  • Your discord user name if you have one
  • Time zone and general streaming time eg. Mornings EST, Evening CET
  • Whether your streams are family friendly, mature or either

  •   Summer Camp Exchange Program

    I Would Like to Join a Stream

    Sat, Jul 2nd 2022 08:14
    This board is where you can sign up to show interest in being on a stream. The name of the thread should be your preferred name. Please state:
  • Your WA username
  • Your Discord username, if you have one
  • Your preferred time zone and general streaming time, eg afternoon GMT, morning EST
  • Whether you prefer a family friendly, mature or either type of stream.

  •   Summer Camp Exchange Program


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