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Captain Prestcotton's Excursion to Find a Feudworm [Juri-E-20193]

Captain Prestcotton's Excursion to Find a Feudworm (archived in the Royal Library under [Juri-E-20193] ) is the unofficial name of a diary held by Captain Viviana A. Prestcotton, documenting her search for a mythical creature known as a Feudworm.


The journal originally served as a means of documenting progress on the journey to finding a mythical creature known as a Feudworm, but was later confiscated and protected as legal evidence.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The document has been archived in the Royal Library under documents accessible only to Custodians or civilians who have been granted permission and are under supervision.
A mechanical copy has also been created and stored in the Queen's Private Chambres to facilitate analysis and serve as a substitute should the original become unusuable.

Legal status

It is now under evidential protection and may no longer be altered by anyone.
Failure to comply will lead to persecution under offence EE3-F which is for the obstruction of justice through forgery and may lead to imprisonment in a Hold, potentially even as a Class 1 Offender.

Historical Details


On the first of Fatum in the year 48, Captain Viviana A. Prestcotton set sail in search for a mythical beast known as a Feudworm, which she had claimed to have seen before.
During her expedition with her crew-mates, she was largely unsuccessful but upon having consumed a large amount of an undetermined alcoholic beverage became convinced she had spotted one such creature.
In her attempt to capture this beast, both her crew-mates died and were possibly consumed to prevent further starvation before the ship was discovered by the HMV Bulliot twenty-eight days after departing the ports of Penchester.

Public Reaction

Once news of this event came to public ears, it was reported in many sensationalist Happenings under the guise that intoxication can lead to murder, under headlines such as 'One Glass too Many Makes for a Class One' and 'In with a Drink, out with Death', which were of course gross exaggerations and therefore ignored by much of the public.


This document is often referenced while training new Custodians as an example of how a seemingly harmless endeavour can become a very dangerous one, and to serve as a reminder that having naval patrols not only protects trade, but also protects all other people who might be out at sea.
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
1st of Fatum to 3rd of Arbor 48EE
Ratification Date
4th of Arbor 48 EE
Signatories (Characters)


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16 Dec, 2019 22:02

Hi Eye! Here's the notes from the feedback trade! :D   1. It might be worth adding some mention or hint about what a Feudworm is at the top of the article. The name is great and the background with the addition of boozing it up is hilarious.   2. "Both her crew-mates died" - her ship only had 2 other people on it? What kind of ship was it, for that matter?   3. It isn't entirely clear if Feudworms are something that generally exists, or if they only started being talked about after the good captain got drunk. I love cryptozoology, so either is good, but it was worth mentioning :)   4. It's also worth noting that while the accent is impressive, some people will have difficulty understanding some of the more accented speech   5. The writing in the document is flavorful and interesting; they could be entire paragraphs instead of individual lines though. Personal preference perhaps.   6. I would also consider adding an additional line break between the last line and the next date.   7. I'm not sure what it means when she writes "the rations are startin ter get a little on the hungry side", as I'm assuming the food-rations aren't starving.   8. It's a little unclear why they kept going even after running low on food; the captain's obsession could perhaps use to be highlighted a little more, as I'm not quite getting the Moby Dick vibe yet. It does get more clear towards the end, when she starts tying up her friend..   9. On the starvation note, 28 days seem very low to run out of food *and* resorting to cannibalism. It's a little quick to turn to eating your friends.   Overall, pretty excellent stuff and it was an amusing read. As I said, I'm a great fan of cryptozoology and I can see the captain getting a show on monster hunter or something for sure. ;D   Hope it helps!

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16 Dec, 2019 22:11

Excellent feedback, thank you ever so much!

17 Dec, 2019 09:00

Excellent stuff! xD Extra points from convincing font!   I love this, only thing I'd fix is that I dunno did I miss something but until I clicked "Read the document", I wasn't quite sure how the events were recorded in the ship and got to outsiders, since everyone died and such, but I'm still unsure how the rdcording was retrieved, of was it sent?. xD I would add in the background how the events came to light and the info spread to public consiousness. :3 It might be just me missing something, but I am confuse. ^w^; Could just because I'm readin this in lunchbreak and from phone. ^^;   Other than that... AWESOME.

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17 Dec, 2019 09:24

Marvellous! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you make some very good points! You can be sure I will remedy these flaws in the all-too-near future!

17 Dec, 2019 10:12

This made me giggle a couple of times as i read it. I like the the way it is written in lingo. I was wondering where she got her information about the feudworm's breeding habits, if this is a mythical beast. Was it just from legends and stories or has there been other so called sightings from other explorers? other than that, a well written article, The little tidbits into his personality are nice too, such as him not studying at school cos the bard was pretty. keep up the good work.

17 Dec, 2019 11:53

I am glad you enjoyed it! It is precisely the kind of tale you'd hear in the sleazy Houses of the Public near the docks, such as the Kraken's Arms which appears to be a locality out dear captain frequents. I will gladly add a little more information concerning that topic in the article, and will do my best!

18 Dec, 2019 23:07

Hi Eye! This was a fun read. As Q had noted, it seemed a little short one the timeline for starvation - assuming human biology is a baseline, humans can actually go 3 weeks without food so long as they have shelter and water, less if there isn't enough water. Perhaps the water had been getting tainted with salt water, as dehydration is also known to encourage people to have hallucinations?   There didn't seem to be much in the ways of the Captain preparing for her hunt being mentioned, other than the detector device. If the feudworm is like a whale, the ship would have likely had harpoons or something to help hunt down a large marine animal.   I'm not much of a naval expert, but I recall a lot of naval-based books I had read included excerpts of journals where the weather would be noted. Perhaps supplies were lost in a storm, making fishing difficult as the crew got closer to the journal's end date?   I greatly enjoyed reading this, and the two versions of the journal given the in-world explanation of being "normalized" for readers to analyze from was enjoyable and gave a sense of progress in the world between when it was written and "now" as well as a sense of education.   The legacy and Public reactions were interesting to read as well, has anyone been called a "Second Captain Prescotton" for (maybe) under-preparing for an expedition or for being known to drink too much?

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19 Dec, 2019 08:48

Oh, what an excellent idea! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I will certainly make notes of your wonderful critique!