Expedition Record Journal

An Expedition Record Journals is a notebook provided by the Order of Imperial Custodians to members of the Order tasked with journeying outside of inhabited areas to document their surroundings and to increase their chances of survival should they be cut off.
Similar journals can be acquired at the Traveler's Lodge at a price.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The journal is constructed in such a way that pages can easily be added and removed, allowing the notes to remain organised.
The pages made from film can be used to overlay information onto other pages.
This is often used for maps, where the map is drawn on a paper page, and different types of information, such as altitude or landmarks, are drawn on separate films for overlaying on the map.
The film can also work as an emergency fire-starter, since it is extremely flammable.
To prevent the entire journal from bursting into flames from a loose spark, it is often kept in it's protective Ramwolf casing.
In cases where the information is non-critical or the risk of fire is low, a leather pouch is often used in its place.
Item type
Book / Document
Related ethnicities
Raw materials & Components
Cast Ramwolf for the protective case
Leather, paper, nitrocellulose film, metal coil spine and glue

Cover image: by A Lambent Eye


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